Wednesday, 28 Feb 2024

What is precision CNC Machining

Precision CNC machining is the innovative process of computer aided manufacturing. There are two crucial devices in this process: a computer and a machine tool. If you are an old fashioned manufacturer or a young guy who is about to enter the business, then you should also need to get familiarize with CNC router machine. Here, we provided you with a few suggestions just to familiarize with Precision CNC Machining.

Precision CNC Machining: what you must know

To familiarize with the process called precision CNC machining, you must learn the usage of a computer and a machine tool. The latter can be a milling, cutting, drilling machine tool, because the process is suitable for any manufacturing tasks, by now. The computer sends instructions through a sequence of numbers to a machine tool. Indeed, this machine is called CNC machine, namely a machine tool which works through numerical control programming (CNC is the acronym of computer numerical control).

Usually, with Precision CNC machining, you have to work with a computer, programmed through software, and a machine tool, which performs the task ordered by the same computer. If you want to save time and money, you must be familiar with both of the devices, namely computer and machine tool.

Fortunately, CNC software is preloaded on the industrial computer and you must only know how to push the several buttons for the manufacturing tasks. Indeed, precision CNC machining includes all of the manufacturing processes, such as the above mentioned milling, drilling and cutting, but even sewing, turning and so on. If you don’t know the parameters to set the tasks, you could develop a bad product.

Hence, to familiarize with CNC software, you must know the main CNC codes, such as G code and M code, at least. These are the main numerical programming codes that allow Precision CNC Machining service to be performed.

G code is the operational program, namely the one which sends manufacturing instructions to a machine tool with the purpose to mill, cut or drill the raw material.

M code is instead the program to handle the basic functions of a machine tool. M code simply contains the instructions to turn machine tools on/off or turn the axle on/off or turn coolant on/off.

For this reason, the two codes are also called the preliminary programs of precision CNC machining.

There are also more complex codes and drafting software such as AutoCAD to create and edit the drawings of the product prototypes you want to develop through precision CNC machines.

And, at last but not least, there are CNC machine tools, which do the hard job on behalf of you! There are several types of machines tools that contain only the right tools to perform a computer controlled task.

Usually, a machine tool resembles the traditional mechanic machines, with a center, a surface, cylinders and multiple axes to move or rotate the tools which have to perform manufacturing tasks. To learn more about the usage of machine tools, it would be helpful you read technical books on precision CNC machines.