Saturday, 8 Aug 2020

Guaranteed to Succeed-7 Tested and True SEO Strategies

You probably already know that Search Engine Optimization, in short SEO, means optimizing pages on the Internet in order to achieve the highest possible position in search engine results. What you may not know is that SEO is perhaps the most difficult, long and frustrating process which any website has to go through if it wants a high position in search engine pages. To facilitate this process and to achieve optimal results in a timely manner, we can apply the 7 basic SEO techniques.

1. Tag title

Each page must include a tag such as:

<title> Search Engine Optimization – 7 Basic Techniques < / title>

This must be unique, relevant content for the page and can contain no more than 70 characters. Since we’ve mentioned relevant content, please keep in mind that these techniques which we are discussing can only work if your website provides relevant content.

2. Meta description

Each page should include a description meta form:

<meta name=”description” content=” “/>

Page description should also be unique, relevant and contain between 150 and 160 characters.

Note: The title tag and meta description web pages are the most important SEO factors, as these items appear in the results displayed by search engines. They should be both informative and attractive to potential visitors to our site.

3. <H1>

Use <H1> tag for highlighting the titles of your site .<H> Tags were designed to structure web page titles and subtitles, and search engines pay particular attention to them when “reading” your site.

4. HTML5 tags

Use the new HTML5 tags for better structuring of the information in your site. HTML5 tags help search engines understand how information is structured in your site so that they can make the difference between the navigation system, information offered and extra content or irrelevant contentfor the current page.

5. “Alt” attribute

Add attribute “alt” to the images from your site. Do not replace the text on the page with images (however tempting a completely customized menu might be) because search engines cannot read text in the image.

6. Rel = “nofollow” attribute

Deck your <a> links with rel = “nofollow” title. Use rel = “nofollow” when you sent to irrelevant sites for your page content (i.e.,blogroll) and the “title”attribute to better describe the information when accessing it.

7. Create a site map (sitemap) and an intuitive navigation system

Search engines love sitemaps because they allow them to quickly and easily access all of your site pages. Even if you have a full sitemap, try to realize a navigation system as simple and intuitive as possible. Both users and search engines will be happy to be able to discover your website content as simple and efficient.

So, these seven basic SEO strategies can ensure a higher position in search engines, if you use the properly. Do you use any other basic SEO strategies to make your website reach top positions?