Monday, 27 May 2024

Flash Mob Proposal World Record by LG WR Team

When Karan Arora finally decided to persuade his girlfriend Pooja Basara to marry him, little he knew that his proposal would eventually be so talked about, even beyond his own expectations.

As Pooja was heading towards Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, a group of people started shaking their legs to the Bollywood tune which became even louder than ever before. Within no time, the numbers swelled and it took the form of a flash mob consisting of highly experienced professional dancers, friends as well as volunteers. It took everyone including the shoppers at the usually busy shopping mall to a total surprise and they just have one word to say, “Wow” for such an event which will surely be etched in the history.


Love indeed knows no boundaries and this event further testified the claim. The whole atmosphere turned out to be electrifying and Pooja was quite amused as Karan starting dancing and she blushed after seeing his love at her feet. The young Romeo arranged a Flash Mob to ask her permission for marriage and as luck would have it his Juliet has given her consent in affirmative as well.

Such a priceless and coveted event was staged by LG WR Team which comprised of LG WRmam Grag, Sherlock and Joy. Their services took every body by a pleasant surprise and Ambience mall proved to be a perfect host to such an extraordinary event where everyone had a glee of excitement, fun and love for the couples, Karan and Pooja. The event gathers momentum since it passed in a highly charismatic way and LG has released the video of flash mob later on. 6th Oct 2012, proved to be the biggest day in the lives of Karan and Pooja as the excitement and fun was palpable in the atmosphere.

This stands out to be the first ever Flash Mob which took place in the country as it involves highly experienced and innovative hands as well

The Concept

It started as Karan was at the LG’s World record Forum and was enquiring about the Dual Play glasses; he just mentioned that he is making preparations to become engaged. It was a mere start of what would happen next and the subsequent results are all in front of the world to see as well.

Karan was interacting with LG Electronics World Record holder and a brand ambassador on social networking sites Sherlock, who wanted to improve the brand recognition by taking the help of Karan’s proposal.

He further found out the possibilities to go ahead with the future groom and soon they struck with the idea of Flash Mob. The best thing was that, the event did not have any “usual branding” as it further surprised the future bride.

The Preparation

Since Karan hardly knew any dance numbers, hence he gained enough exposure from professionals and Bollywood choreographers in order to impress Pooja. It took roughly a month for the preparations and the event was rehearsed carefully, although it seemed spontaneous which indeed turned out to be an added advantage. LG filmed the whole duration of events

The Execution

The video begins where Pooja and her mother enter en electronics store and put on the glasses in the up market Ambience Mall. No sooner did they sit in front of a TV screen, that Karan makes an entry and requests them to enjoy the dance which is going outside.

What started with just few dancers eventually grew into a Flash Mob where at least 100 people were dancing to Bollywood style music. Soon, Karan after dancing for some time is on his knees amidst the cheering crowd and requests her to marry him by giving flowers. She accepts the proposal instantly and they dance together as the scene fades out after some time.

The Purpose

The main objective was to give Karan and Pooja the most memorable times of their lives along with improving the LG electronics brand recognition in India.

Home entertainment products have always witnessed quite an intense competition and LG’s WRMan Sherlock and his sidekick Greg started a World record campaign in July in order to boost their business by promoting the products. The video highlights the whole preparation which goes into the making of such a priceless event and it is also subsequently published on YouTube as well.

The craze of flash mobs is indeed quite great as they have the element of freshness and inventiveness. Mostly, they are rehearsed, but some are even spontaneous as well. The popularity of this particular Flash Mob can be gauged from the fact that it generated whopping 300,000 views on YouTube. Thereby, signaling a pleasant change for the popularity of such an esteemed brand as well.

The Flash Mob Proposal has become an integral part of such an esteemed and popular brand. The young couple Karan and Pooja will surely remember such an exciting day in their lives for sure.