Wednesday, 7 Dec 2022

Why It’s Important To Use A Good Web Hosting Service

Web hosting is insanely popular in today’s contemporary world as it lets companies or individuals post their sites onto the ocean of Internet. A website is just a drop in the ocean. It is so amazing to see the business of Internet grow in the last one and half decades. In a nutshell, Web hosting means websites are hosted and stored on the server for the users to fire them up, have access and use. When a person wants to visit your site, he just has to type in your website address in his device’s browser. Their computer or mobile device will contact your web hosting server and then have access to your website. You have to buy the domain for most of the web hosting companies to provide you their services.

Choosing to host your website on a HDD or SSD is also your choice. If you’ve a static website, HDD is your best bet but if you’re running a business website selling things, then SSD is your best option just because it gives you great speed, but it does come with an expensive price tag.

There are plenty of reasons why you want to invest in a good web hosting service. Let’s discuss them.

Web security: Web security is the most important reason to go for a good web host. Once you have a website up and running, you want to make it as secure as possible for your users to have trust and you don’t want to lose it. This is of paramount importance if you’re selling stuff through your e-commerce website. People will be entering their credit card details all the time and you don’t want to ruin the entire experience by choosing a bad unsecured web host.

Bandwidth and Speed: A good web hosting service offers excellent bandwidth and speed, which is critical for your business. Nobody wants to use a website which lags and slows down at critical moments.

Great technical support: One way to recognize a  good web hosting company is through it’s technical support. A good web hosting service always has their support team up and running 24X7. If you happen to run into a glitch regarding your site, they should be able to solve it in no time. If your site goes down often, you might lose a lot of revenue.

Negative effect on your SEO rankings : If you’re into content marketing, your top priority must be your SEO rankings. A good web hosting service means your site is accessible always and you are searchable using keywords. If your site is down and out, your ranking is in danger and is adversely affected. You might also consider SSD hosting for this as it speeds up your website and the customers have hassle free experience.

These are some of the most important reasons on why you cannot afford to go for mediocre web hosting services. Always opt for a quality web hosting service to have a healthy business running for you.