Sunday, 25 Jul 2021

Why to Sell on Azure Marketplace?

Azure Marketplace is an online store for Microsoft marketplace. Microsoft commercial marketplace which is a catalog of all the solutions from independent software vendor (ISV) partners. If you are a member of Microsoft Partner Network then you can enjoy the features to create, publish and manage all your commercial marketplace which offers in Partner Center.

Some of the solutions which are listed on the Microsoft commercial marketplace online stores are connecting with other businesses, organizations and government agencies from around the world. The Microsoft commercial marketplace is divided into two online stores:

  • Microsoft AppSource
  • Azure Marketplace

What is Azure Marketplace?

Basically, Azure Marketplace is for the solutions which are built for or built on for Azure and was intended for the IT professionals and developers. Some of these solutions include the consulting and managed services.

But the Azure Marketplace consulting services are said to be like professional service offerings. These professional service offerings can help your customers to get started with or accelerate the use of Azure for their business.

Benefits of selling with Azure Marketplace:

The main goal here is for you build a partnership with Microsoft and to connect with the Microsoft customers with the best solutions. By doing that you can achieve some of the below mentioned benefits for your business or online cloud store as well.

  • It will help you to expand your solution portfolio to many new markets and other segments of the market as well.
  • You can generate new leads for your marketing through Azure and can get some really good sales opportunities.
  • You can either upsell or cross-sell your cloud solution with your customers as they move their workloads to the cloud.
  • You can also do marketing for your cloud solutions for specific workloads and with some industrial scenarios. This can help reduce the sales cycles, increase your deal profitability and accelerate your projects as well.
  • You can also get insights about your business performance and you can also learn how to maximize your campaign activities for your cloud solutions through it as well.

These five are the main benefits which you can enjoy by selling though the Microsoft Azure Marketplace or Microsoft commercial Marketplace.

Microsoft Azure Marketplace helps you grow your business:

  • It leverages the technical resources which you need to get your application ready for launch. You can get technical support, application design as well as the architecture design to the Azure credits for the development and testing of your business.
  • You can get access to the free Microsoft Go-To-Market Launch Fundamental. This can help you with the launch and promotion of your cloud solutions. You might also be eligible for the Microsoft Marketing Campaign which is an additional service.
  • You can reach some additional Microsoft customers with the help of Microsoft Sales team, co-sell program and the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.

These are some of the reason why you need to sell on Azure Marketplace. Most of the business sell on Azure to achieve and enjoy all these above-mentioned benefits. You can also get publisher guide and business guide on their official website to know more about it.