Saturday, 16 Jan 2021

Why Employees Need Both Recognition and Appreciation?

For the leaders who wish their employees to succeed and want their organizations to form the cultures of reliability, excellent performance, and engagement, it’s very important to know the significance of employee recognition & appreciation.

Without any doubt, every employee wants to work in an organization that appreciates honest interaction, respects their employees, and trusts their work. Let us understand how employee recognition, EDCO awards and appreciation can yield positive results for your company’s growth.

Recognition is all about offering positive feedback as per the performance and results of your employee. However, there are certain limits to the recognition. But, when recognition includes certain monetary compensation will be great.

Understanding your employee’s needs and demands a substantial show of honor. You can think of trophies, gifts, certificates, and other promotional items. Here are some prominent moments when the recognition supersedes appreciation:

  • Workplace excellence
  • Employment milestones
  • Excellent performance
  • Dedication towards work
  • Definite achievements
  • Getting distinguished awards

On the other hand, appreciation is the long-term strategy, generally engages continuous steps for building a strong base where the employee feels highly-valued and appreciated. It’s supporting them in your organization. Recognition is more on the positive results & improved performance, while appreciation is a different thing. At times, though, there’re some special moments that deserve appreciation like:

  • Outstanding talent
  • Doing something different
  • Appreciation for the task well done
  • Achieving a difficult job

Whenever any accomplishment and achievements shine above others; when certain special skills achieve you the new contract or business; or when your team completes an exhausting task, and these are important times that you must express more appreciation towards them.

Most will relate recognition and rewards to the monetary awards and extravagant events, the employee appreciation does not need to be so glamorous and expensive. The employee rewards are as simple as a simple pat-on-their-back and a heart-felt note via email or it can be in a form of a friendly greeting. All these appreciation ideas really work.

Let us now look at the primary advantages of employee recognition and appreciation:

Make your employees happier

You need to know that happy employees will produce more effective output. Being recognized provides the feeling of mastery and they feel to be an important and right fit for the role & for their company. Regular acknowledgment and appreciation will improve their productivity, improve their loyalty towards the company, as well as promote collaboration. Besides, your workplace must provide such an environment where positive reinforcement will be promoted & practical opinion is embraced.

Point out what you like about them

When you do it proactively — not only because somebody did something really great or you want to have something from them —but is a most powerful gift. This will positively affect how your employees value themselves, your bond with them as well as the team culture. This plays an important role

Stay specific and relevant

Recognition becomes a bit more meaningful when this is tied to the specific accomplishment and business objective. When recognizing your employees, and explaining what it is for generally helps your employees to relate that recognition to their outcome and behavior and encourages strong performance.

Improve morale

In a way, the leaders manage their employees play an important role in employee motivation. Allowing your employee to know their effort and hard work getting recognized by the team management will help to motivate the company’s highly valuable asset. One simple greeting at an end of a day is one clear and many times overlooked kind of recognition. But, an honest thank you & apologizing for any misunderstanding will prove to be the best method of showing your respect and appreciation towards your employees.

There’re two important aspects of employee recognition and appreciation:

  1. The first one is to see, check, and realize the opportunity to praise them. If you aren’t in a receptive mind you may pass over these opportunities. It happens quite frequently.
  2. The second aspect is the physical act to do something that will acknowledge and honor people for hard work.

Final Words

Employee recognition and appreciation are very important but ultimately, they’re part of the leader’s toolbox. So, the main key is to learn where and how to use them, which is a trademark of the top leader.