Saturday, 10 Dec 2022
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WhatsApp with Document Sharing Support for Android and iOS

WhatsApp, the most commonly used word in everyone’s conversation to share everything. Everything includes photos, videos, contacts, Location, audios but not the documents till now. This restriction made the users to search for some other option to share their important documents.

But now WhatsApp is not going to disappoint its Android and iOS users. WhatsApp has come with a new server side update of sharing documents. The update provides document sharing with individuals as well as in groups.

The new feature can be used in Android as follows:

Android document sharing

  1. Click on attach icon and then you can find all the attachable or sharable media types are shown.
  2. Tap on Document from that list instead of gallery or video or anything else.
  3. You are taken to the storage place where documents can be stored on the device.
  4. Select one and send it.

In iOS, you can use the feature as follows:

iOS document sharing feature for WhatsApp

  1. Click on upload icon, which lists you all the sharable media which now include Document.
  2. Tap on document and select one document from the storage location on your device.
  3. Then you can send it to the recipients.

The update is available for Android and iOS users only with versions 1.12.453 and 2.12.14 respectively in the corresponding app stores.

Now you can enjoy the Document sharing feature on your Android or iOS phones by sharing your valuable documents with valuable contacts.