Thursday, 18 Aug 2022

How to Upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7 in easy steps

Just got a chance to taste the Windows 7 on a computer other than yours, and are highly impressed from it? So you want to have the same Windows on your computer, and thus are looking for the way to upgrade windows vista to windows 7?

Those out of you who have already tried upgrading Vista to Windows 7, might be familiar the Windows 7 installation guide gives you two options to do so- Automatic Upgrade and Custom Installation.

Upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7

Pros and Cons of Upgrade InstallMethod to upgrade Vista to Windows 7

Since all of us like to perform the things automatically, so at first instance, most of us would like to go with the custom Installation only, right?

Talking about the pros of Upgrade Install, the best and almost the only one is the simplicity. Means, you just need to select this option and rest work will be done by the installation guide. What can be more simple than that? Nothing!! So of course, all those lazy folks out of you would proceed ahead with this option only.

But before in the over excitement and with the greed of easiness, you opt for Upgrade Install, be ready for the problems that you will have to face thereafter. When on the Windows 7 installed by Upgrade Install method, you will often face many problems. Of course, you will have to find out the ways to kill that problems which is something very tough, complex, time consuming, and head aching task, isn’t it?

Better Opt for custom Install method to upgrade windows vista to windows 7. Pros and Cons of the Custom Install are:

Pros and Cons of Custom Install Method to upgrade windows vista to windows 7

If you opt for this method to upgrade windows vista to windows 7, then the Windows 7 that you get is a clean window. You get a complete fresh window with no chances of error in it. Since you get a clean window, so you get a whole new computer experience where you can install the stuff that you wish to. No more non-sense software and apps.

The con of this method is that you will have to install the apps and software on your own.

Custom Install is the Best Method to upgrade windows vista to windows 7

Yes, it is. Since you loss all of your software and applications with this method, therefore it is necessary or say wise step to create a backup CD of all, so that after upgrading your Windows Vista to Windows 7, you can install all the necessary software with ease.

You will have to move the important executable programs to the Windows Directory that lies in the ‘C’ directory. All files and documents should be placed in the Library folder of your newly installed Windows 7. All these tasks are as simple as 1-2-3.

So, just go with Custom Install method to upgrade windows vista to windows 7.