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Top Five Motorola Phones to buy in 2017

Motorola is the brand of youth generation and they have got a pretty good line-up. Let’s have a look at the top five Motorola phones in 2017.

  1. Moto X Force: 

    This phone has unbreakable display, as the name points to and Motorola claims that. The Moto X Force solves that inconvenience with its shatterproof display. The 5-layer glass panel can withstand standing drops quite easily, and on almost all surfaces. The device also offers flagship class specifications, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC, 3GB of camera and a 21MP camera that shoots good images. It falls somewhere between mid-range and high-end.

  1. Moto X Style – 32 GB:

    One of Moto’s two flagships for 2015, the Moto X Style is the phone to go for if your budget doesn’t allow for a Moto X Force. The Moto X Style offers a stunning, 5.7-inch 2K resolution display that offers great viewing angles. The performance is also quite good, being powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 SoC. The device also features one of the best cameras in the market. This is a high-end device and it still performs good.

  1. Moto Google Nexus 6:

google nexus 6, a high end device
moto google nexus 6


If you like Android in an entirely unadulterated way, and prefer a large display to go with it, the Google Nexus 6 is the phone for you. Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 SoC, 3GB of RAM and a large 5.96-inch display, the Nexus 6 is a good phone to buy even after a year. The camera, however, is not that appealing, and if that is your priority, you should opt for the next smartphone in this list. This is a high-end device as most of the nexus phones are.

  1. Moto X Play:

    Moto’s second Moto X smartphone from last year, the Moto X Play is a budget smartphone with a great camera. The device features the same 21MP camera that the Moto X Style uses. Apart from that, the phone features a large 3630mAh battery, which can easily last you a day. While it is available in both 16GB and 32GB variants, we would recommend the 32GB one. This is a perfect midrange device that meds the needs and doesn’t hurt your wallet.

  1. Moto G Turbo:

    Moto’s third iteration of its Moto G lineup was unable to impress many like its previous variants. Hence, Motorola launched the Moto G Turbo. The G Turbo is a beefed up version of the Moto G 3rd Gen. Powered by the same Snapdragon 615 SoC, the Moto G Turbo is a good phone to buy in the sub-15K segment. The device currently runs on the latest version of Android, and offers reliable performance. This falls in the low-end category.

Conclusion:These are the top five Moto phones that cater all your needs and come at various price points. If you are considering buying yourself or someone a moto phone, then make sure you pick one from the above list.