Thursday, 30 Nov 2023

Top 5 Travel Apps for iPad

It has become a matter of fact that a lot of travellers have started carrying their iPad now-a-days. The main purpose however still remains to enjoy the music and videos during the travel, yet many apps are there which are also useful while you travel. IPad has the Wi-Fi feature and one can access internet anywhere if he has the Wi-Fi access. These apps may help you to relax and you may no longer need to scratch your head to get knowledge of the different things as everything is right available in your iPad.

In this article, we discuss some of the top Top 5 Travel Apps for iPad that one would like to have while travelling.




It is one of the most used travel apps for the iPads. It allows the user to find the tourist attractions of any place like parks, hotels, restaurants, and shopping almost anywhere in the world. All you need to do is to type the name of the place about which you are concerned to know and it will open a map with all the necessary information. It also includes the ratings related to a specific place to let you know the popularity of the place.

Intrix Traffic


No one wants to get delayed to anywhere when he is going to a place for fun. This app is beneficial for the travellers who commute to a place through road. This application shows the traffic condition of the routs where you are headed to. in addition to that, it also shows the alternative routes that you may opt to reach your destination.

Flight +

As the name clearly suggests, this app allows you to find the details related to the flights. It covers almost every international airports specifically and the information regarding them. It gives you the updated information of the timings and the delays of any particular flight. You can bookmark the information about a particular flight and the app will remind you when that flight departs from the airport next time. In addition to that, this app will alert you for the change in the gate of any flight if it happens.


It has been launched so recently and has been a point of attention for all those who plan their travel with the help of these travel apps. This app possess a very user friendly interface which will attract you right away and completely changes the way you have been planning your travels earlier. This app contains all the necessary information that you would require while travelling including the information of the local place where you are headed to.

If you are travelling to a different place you will need a place to stay and if you are quite conscious about this thing, this app is waiting for you to check it out. This app contains he information related to the famous hotels at any city in the world. It certainly helps you to decide which type of hotel may suit you at any particular place.

Hence, these are some of the great apps which you may want to have in addition to the songs and videos that you are having on your iPad. They will certainly help to reduce your stress while travelling.