Saturday, 10 Dec 2022

Top 10 Travel Apps For iPhone

Since apple launched its iPhone series, it is trending device in smart phone world. iPhone has lots of inbuilt features and It is capable to install extra apps of various third party companies or apps developers to enhance your experience with an iPhone device. When it comes to select best travel apps for your iPhone, its quite difficult to go over final decision because there are many factors to be considered in terms of your trips and travel types.

Some Popular Top 10 Travel Apps For iPhone:

Here, we have discovered popular travel apps for iPhone devices, if you are using iPhone device and searching top travel apps for your next trip, then we can say that you are at right place. Head over to the list that we’ve created.

1) GasBuddy :

GasBuddy app is very useful iPhone app, while you are traveling in totally unknown area or in a new city and planning to refill gas of your vehicle. Ideally this app will find cheapest gas stations near by you. So, it will save your time and money too. However this app is free to download and use from apple apps store. Even GasBuddy is compatible with iPod Touch and iPad too.

2) OffMaps 2 :

It’s quite interesting iPhone app with more features than usual native iPhone maps app. OffMaps 2 lets you navigate to particular maps and area with ease. You can download and save maps for offline browsing. Even it has another great feature that is ability to bookmark locations for later use. It lets you bookmark locations wherever you are. This app costs a little around $0.99 for two maps and $5.99 to create an unlimited maps. Although, its decent price to make your travel better

3) HearPlanet :

HearPlanet is the best iPhone app for those who are seeking to get an audio tour guide app for iPhone. This app has inbuilt 300000 locations with audio guide of each native places. All you need to enter particular information about your place and HearPlanet will do the rest. However this app is premium but not require too much money. By investing only $2.99 on this awesome app you will get most out of it.

4) PhoneTracker :

If you are traveling with kids or in group then its must have app for your iPhone. Using this app you can find your group companions using GPS of your iPhone. You can track and monitor their live locations wherever they are. Using this PhoneTracker iPhone app there are no fear to miss your travel companions while exploring on your tour.

5) FlightTrack Pro :

Again an awesome iPhone app for the people who always travel through airlines. This app lets you search and track arrival, departure, flight delay, flight changes information on the go. It also warns you if your flight going to be cancelled because of bad weather problems and other conditions. FlightTrack Pro costs you almost $9.99 with abilities to track your international flights too.

6) SitOrSquat :

This iPhone app lets you find nearest toilet facilities. Usually this app is useful while you are traveling abroad or other domestic cities that you’ve never visited before. It also give top reviews about each bathroom facilities, so you can select good option !! This intelligent iPhone app is absolutely free to download and use.

7) Photosynth :

Photosynth is an iPhone app handled by Microsoft Corporation. This app lets you capture images while you are traveling and then share it with your friends, family and other relatives within a fraction of seconds. Even you can capture interactive panorama images using this iPhone app. It supports iOS6 and iPhone 5 too. You can download Photosynth from apple iTunes store at free of cost.

8) Translator with Speech :

It is One of the most popular translation app for iPhone devices. When it comes to travel abroad, you always need to deal with totally different languages than yours. In that case Translator with speech is ready to help you. Primarily this app translate particular text in 54+ supported languages. It also capable to pronounce the text in different languages. On the other hand, If you are lazy to write texts then this app lets you record your English talk and translate it into text. After that process you can easily translate it into your selected language.

9) XE Currency :

XE Currency iPhone app provides real time conversation rates, and it lets you convert within various currency formats and you can gather that how actual rate is in your currency. This app is useful while shopping on your trip. XE Currency is free app to use on iPhone and you can download it for free from apple iTunes store.

10) Wi-Fi Finder :

While exploring abroad, if you want internet connection on your laptop device, then in that cases its best suitable app for travelers. This app lets you search all active Wi-Fi connections near by you. It also capable to filter Wi-Fi hotspots by paid service, free service, location and provider type. Over 3,20,000 public Wi-Fi hotspot locations are included in it. Wi-Fi Finder for iPhone is free to download app, so you not need to buy this app.


This top 10 travel apps for iPhone consists of best and must have apps for your iPhone device while traveling abroad. We have listed various popular apps like Translator, Wi-Fi finder, Flight Tracker, Real-time Currency convertor and so on. Few of them are premium apps but costs only a little bucks and all those premium and free apps are useful and benefits you while exploring abroad with you iPhone device. We also have a lost of Best Apps For iPhone which has top ratings on App store in 2018.