Thursday, 18 Aug 2022

Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives

If you have/had ever own a website then you must be aware of the term Google Adsense. Google Adsense is probably the ever best monetization program which comes directly from the internet giant Google. It helps you perfectly to survive in blogging career. It provides recurring income which keeps increasing with time (provided your website gets good response from all Google updates and your traffic keeps increasing with its age). It is one of the oldest and most trusted website monetization program. But best things don’t come so easily rather one have to work very hard to earn them. Same rule is valid in case of Adsense too. Because of some bad black hat techniques which help webmasters to earn rapidly with Adsense, Google has taken very strict actions against Adsense Policies. Few years ago, it was really easy to get approval from Adsense but today, it is one of the toughest tasks ever. At that time it was supposed that if one doesn’t have an Adsense account then he/she can’t survive in blogging world. But today’s scenario is completely different. At present lots of Adsense alternatives are there which are giving head to head competition to Google Adsense. Here in this article I am going to discuss about Top 10 Alternatives of Google Adsense which can help you growing your online business easily.

Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives

1. (Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads)

Recently launched has become best alternate for Google Adsense. It is the best option for all who don’t have any Adsense account. They work almost similar to Google Adsense and according to some reviews they pay well too. I even read some reports where one guy was claiming that is paying him higher than Adsense. So it is the best Google Adsense alternatives for you.
Payout: $100
Payment Options: Wire Transfer, PayPal

2. Infolinks

Infolinks is a great Adsense alternative. They use to show in text ads which don’t require any extra space on your blog. You can very easily get your account approved with them. They work best if your blog have good traffic especially from US, UK. Infolinks is a trusted Ad giant form where you can withdraw your earnings with minimum $50 balance. They pay through both PayPal as well as normal Check transfer.
Payout: $50
Payment Options: PayPal, Check

3. Buy Sell Ads


It is a great platform which works very well for well reputed websites. Buy Sell Ads gives you specified products which you have to promote. Here you can decide your own prices and ad slot position. Minimum payout is $50. One main thing to not about BSA is that they deduct 25% earnings as their commission. It is the reason why direct advertisements (i.e. product owner to website owner) is getting popular these days. But for that you need to have very strong contacts with authorities which are impossible at beginning. So Buy Sell Ads plays best role there.
Payout: $50
Payment Options: PayPal

4. Kontera


Like Infolinks, Kontera too delivers in text ads which cover almost no extra space of your blog. In comparison to Infolinks, they are quite less popular. One main reason behind it is their interface. Kontera comes with a poor interface where user gets stacked between crappie options. They don’t find full control over their contents. However if you don’t have any Adsense account yet then you can go with them as they can earn good money if you have some targeted traffic from western countries.
Payout: $10
Payment Options: PayPal and Check

5. Chitika


If you have good amount of traffic from Canada then you can blindly go for Chitika. They pay very high for Canada traffic but for other countries their ads brings very less bucks (even for very high page views). One positive point for Chitika is their payout limit. You can anytime withdraw your money once your balance exceeds $10.
Payout: $10
Payment Options: PayPal, Check

6. Tribal Fusion


It is a CPM network which proves best for websites having huge traffic figures like 50,000 uniques per month. Selection process is bit tough but once your site gets approved you can earn real huge money from them.
Payout: $50
Payment Options:Check. Once in every 45 days (if your balance exceeds payout limit)

7. BidAdvertiser


BidAdvertiser shows both Contextual as well as Feed Ads. They pay good and can be a good option for starters. Their customer support is pretty friendly and they approves easily too.
Payout: $10
Payment Options: PayPal, Wire Transfer, Check

8. iSocket


iSocket is a popular advertisement company which works almost similar to Buy Sell Ads. Their requirement criteria is quite high and approval process is difficult too. But you somehow crossed their requirements and approval process you can think of making huge money from all big sharks in internet business. They pays good than Buy Sell Ads so if you have some blog with huge traffic then don’t miss the chance to earn with iSocket.
Payout: No fix value
Payment Option:Check, PayPal and bank transfer

9. ClickSor


I will suggest ClickSor only if your site is new and you don’t have any ads to display. they will approve your blog very easily and will give you the options to display various types of ads like Contextual, In Text, Popups etc. But please don’t use popup ads as they kills readers experience and might affect your traffic as well.
Payout: $50
Payment Option: Check

10. Adversal


Adversal is a widely used Ad Network. Most of the bloggers use it with Adsense ads but if you don’t have any personal Adsense account then you can anytime use Adversal to get good results (in terms of money) from your blog. It is a must try Advertisement Platform for every blogger.
Payout: $20
Payment Option: Check