Sunday, 14 Apr 2024
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Top 10 free templates for WordPress

If you’re using Word Press, here is a great treat for you. Instead of spending a huge amount from your budget to take into service a designer to give a wonderful look to your website; In this case I suggest you to adopt any one of the below given Word Press Themes which are available absolutely for free?. These are really helpful for all those are just in the beginning of websites on Word Press and are seeking for free things to improve the appearance and performance of their website.

In short what we offer in this article will be 10 free templates for WordPress, templates which you can install on your blog without asking anyone’s permission, and best of all without spending a dime.


10 Free WordPress Templates:

1 – Ariel :

Ariel is a template really interesting, as it has by default a “thumb” in which the images are showing highlights of recently published articles.

2 – Scarlett :


Unlike other free templates for WordPress shown, Scarlett is known to have an ideal design for movie news sites, but can be adapted without any problems.

3 – GazpoMag :


GazpoMag is a free templates for WordPress, which is perfect for those looking for a “theme” related to the news, because it is composed of different “spaces” to highlight articles and even videos.

4 – Game Speed :


I think the title says it all; it is a template for those hardcore gamers who want a daily report which is the news from the world of games.

5 – Blumax :


BLUMAX is a free templates for WordPress that gives you great space for images, it has small spaces for inserting featured photos.

6 – ProDUS :


This free templates for WordPress is arguably one of the simplest, as it is loaded with plugins or anything like that.

7 – Smart :


The people who seeks ordinary template can use Smart, interesting template with certain aspects that stand out from the rest

8 – Flexor :


Flexor is a WordPress template that manages to suit any theme; this makes it almost unique in the list that can be used on any blog.

9 – Magzimus :


Magzimus is one of the themes that I like the most; it has a futuristic design which has interesting type.

10 – Polarmedia :

Polarmedia arguably is an ideal template for those looking to change the look of their blog with celebrity news because it’s designed for them.