Saturday, 8 Aug 2020

Tips To Overcome The Fear Of Maths

Mathematics involves the study of numbers, theorems, quantity, proofs, rules, structure and much more that are used in problem-solving, calculation and computation, etc. Students often fear maths problem and are easily intimidated by most of the topics. As the subject is cumulative in nature, students find maths to be difficult and complicated.

The subject of mathematics requires a proper understanding of the topics rather than just memorizing them. Along with this, it is necessary to motivate students to be receptive to the subject.

Here are few tips to motivate students on the subject to overcome the fear of the subject:

(i) Recognize the symptoms of maths phobia: Maths anxiety is not unusual, one can easily recognize the phobia for mathematics easily, few of which are as follows:

  • Panic while solving questions: It is really difficult to find solutions or feel helpless while completing maths homework.
  • Lack of Confidence: Relying on others or guesswork can be the indication of lack of confidence amongst the students.
  • Paranoia: Being miserable and thinking weak about yourself on the subject.

One needs to overcome all these symptoms to excel in the subject of mathematics.

(ii) Practice daily: “Practice makes a man Perfect.” One needs to practice maths daily to understand the concepts and develop skills for the subject. Topics like Calculus, Integration, requires lots of practice and at regular intervals. One can easily understand and grasp the concepts by practicing maths daily. 

(iii) Get organised: Math subject is cumulative in nature, which means, one topic is related to the other in one way or the other. It is difficult to understand a topic without having prior knowledge of the basics. Such as, one cannot understand higher algebra without having preliminary knowledge of basic algebra. Studying in an organised manner helps to clear the concepts and study them in a flow. 

(iv) Reveal your mistakes: It is necessary for the students to be aware of their weak points and know their mistakes. Students can learn from their mistakes as it would be helpful in relieving their stress and anxiety towards the subject.

(v) Be optimistic: Developing a negative attitude can be an obstacle to your success. So, develop a positive attitude towards the subject in order to overcome the fear of mathematics. One can easily develop interest even in boring topics like Permutation and Combination, Circles, Probability etc. just by having a positive viewpoint for mathematics.

If one needs to excel in the subject of mathematics, it is really necessary to overcome the fear of the subject.

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