Wednesday, 23 Jun 2021

Tips On How To Organize Your Garage

Many of us have problems cleaning up their garage, for it has become the main storage room for our old things, seasonal decors, gardening tools, and many more. Some of us also neglect the space of their garage for storage, and they tend to place all their unnecessary stuff inside the house, which is very space consuming.

The garage is a room in your home where some of us don’t utilize it well. The best use of the garage will always vary per person, depending on their hobbies and personalities. Some might use it to store their luxury cars, your room for your pets, your working room if you’re an engineer, or as a storage room for your old things.

You can do many things and transformations to your garage. You can convert it into an entertainment room like a movie theatre, a space for parties, and band practice. It can also be converted to a craft room for your inner art talents. To make this happen, you must create a garage loft storage to store your things and save enough space for your project.

What To Consider Before Having Garage Loft Storage

Before storing any item at the garage loft storage, you must always consider and research if those items you want to keep are compatible with your climate. Next to the weather is space. If you have a small garage that can fit only your cars, it is best to have a garage loft for your storage area.

Always consider the type of garage you have because some of its features are not suitable for a garage loft-like, the ones with low ceilings. If you have a truss-framed roof, it is impractical to add loft storage. Next is your budget, you must save enough money to create loft storage, and it’s better to hire professionals to do it for you to avoid accidents.

What Are The Benefits For Having A Loft Storage

We all know that a garage is one of the places in our house where we store rarely used items. You can expand your garage space up to two times if you will be constructing loft storage. Aside from a storage area, you can convert it into a recreational one or a small living room for meditation.

The other good thing about investing loft storage in your garage is that it increases the value of your property for large families because they require a bigger space, and loft storage could be one of the factors to seal the deal. There are many reasons out there that can make you consider having loft storage, and we hope this might help you think twice.

Garage Loft Designs You Might Consider Having

If you’re already inspired by having a garage loft of your own, here are some fantastic designs that you might want to consider for your very own garage loft that might be a help to your new project.

  1. Pull your Loft stairs up with a block and tackle – Having pull-up stairs for your loft might be crucial for better accessibility and more excellent safety. Instead of using a ladder, it is better to install a walk-up stair by using a pull-up ladder.
  2. Add an Attic Lift – These are freight only types of elevators that can help you store bulky items or tools to the loft without inserting too much effort by carrying them up to the ladder.
  3. Install a pulley system near the stairs – If an electric lift is not a feasible solution, there is another easy way of loading items to your storage by adding a pulley. You can set up a puller so you can avoid doing the manual lifting.


Never forsake all the spaces and corners of your house because each room has its own purpose on why it was made to exist. Garage loft is an important new project for you to create a storage room for your unused things, old items, seasonal decors, and other tools. Not only that, loft storage is great for storage but also for recreation.

If there will be loft storage in your garage, you can free up space and create different types of rooms, like a music room, art and craft room, mechanical room, playroom, or a place where your pets can stay, especially during winter and any heavy storm.  Learn to maximize everything that your house has to offer by opening your mind for creativity.