Saturday, 10 Dec 2022
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Seo practices you must adopt to rank in search engines

SEO is the first factor everyone focuses on, whether it’s Amazon or website like TechCrunch. SEO has now become a myth of pyramid of ancient mummies, and not many are following on Google is evolving because Google is the primary and only source for millions of traffic.

Many are speechless after they have realised that Google spam team released span updates in every two years. Which has now changed the course of the Web Search?

Google is standing the center of the everyone attention, and so-called experts websites are now affected by the newly released algorithm in the search engine. What are things you

What are things you should be focusing on the SEO line right now? Many are asking the same thing for past few months after the Google has released the algorithm. Let me take you few important aspects to learn how to find out what things are working on search engines now. Most importantly, how the new ideas will impact on the Google search engine.

SEO Techniques That Works

I will point out those things which will help you to rank not only now but also in coming future. I bet they will work as they have to work for me for a while now. What is the important point which I have been following is that to listen to what Google is talking about?

Listen to Search Giant

I know what you are wondering, why is this unrelated topic is added to the SEO list. The reason is that what best way to find which SEO technique will work in coming future and the CPC of the AdSense is higher, who is better to tell you that?

Did you know Google has blogs, email newsletters, events & tutorials which they show you what they are focusing on? Google always concentrate on the big picture. They discuss these things in public but only experts listen to them and boom, and that is why they successful in their area.

What Google announced their big plans are,

  • Focus on Mobile Content: Did you know that Google has said that they are now developing the Mobile/smartphone to improve the search engine traffic and create better usability. That is not true. The truth is the number of smartphone users has now increased, so the Google is focusing on the smartphones. The bottom line is that if you are planning to build something then make sure mobile version are highly optimised.
  • Do Not Avoid Social Media: Social media techniques are working very well, and Google highly appreciates the traffic drove from the social media because they consider it as Genuine Traffic.
  • You can use free SEO tools to make your research take the height of in-depth Check Keyword Difficulty by FERZY.

Content & Low Bounce Rate

What you should also be focusing is that you need to ensure that your content has enough attraction and useful content on it to convert the traffic into your loyal customers and these are the very few of 100 Seo practices you must adopt to rank in search engines. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears on the Google latest updates and keep a track on what they do.