Tuesday, 16 Aug 2022

Photoshop Tutorial on Exclusive Video Cards for use in Adobe Photoshop CS6

Photoshop Tutorial on Mercury Graphics Engine

This is a new software development MGE (Mercury Graphics Engine) that is designed for use in Adobe Photoshop CS6.This card employs the use of the GPU of your video card so as to enhance the performance of the Photoshop application in your device. The best thing about using this engine is that it makes it easy to achieve almost instant results while working with different essential tools like the lighting effects and liquefy among other tools. The most unique aspect about MGE is that it employs the use of both OpenGL and OpenCl.This is quite important in that it helps in ensuring that for the engine to work, it does not necessarily need to use a CUDA video card from NVidia. This in turn results to great ease while using the engine while developing different types of photos.


Before using MGE, it is important to note that you do not use any 3rd party plug-ins that are designed and developed using CUDA technology as this will automatically require you to use an NVidia graphics card in order to enhance the adaptability and compatibility of the engine with the Photoshop app.

Operating system

Before downloading the MGE Photoshop engine, it is important to ensure that you are able to establish the engine’s compatibility with the operating system of your device. This is due to the reason that the engine is  drafted differently in such a way that while using it on a device that runs on XP, some of the features are not going to work. However, when you use the engine on other Windows Operating Systems, the engine works very efficiently as it compatibility with other apps is quite high. However, it is important to ensure that for maximum efficiency and application of the engine, you should run it on the latest version release 64 bit Windows version. This is quite important in that it helps in ensuring that the engine is used maximally and as such, there are very high quality photos that are developed using the MGE.

Video Cards Drivers

In order to use Mercury Graphics Engine maximally, it is important to ensure that there is a supported video card format installed in your device. You should also ensure that your system comes with video card drivers that are updated to their latest versions. This is quite important in that it helps in ensuring that great performance and acceleration of MGE is enhanced. What is worse is that by using outdated video card versions, there is a very high likelihood that most of the features in MGE will not work. It is important to download the latest video card versions before using MGE.This in turn helps in enhancing efficiency and application of Mercury Graphics Engine with your Photoshop software app.

Memory requirement of Video Cards

Most of the features in MGE require  you to have a video card that has a RAM size of 256MB.However, there are different features that  may require you to have a RAM  capacity of 512MB.The best thing about using  high RAM memory capacity is that it helps in enhancing the efficiency and application of Mercury Graphics Engine.