Saturday, 8 Aug 2020

Importance of a Test like Numerical Tests during Recruitment

Many organizations have started taking pre-employment tests so as to ensure that they make the right choice of candidates at the time of employment. After all, only the right candidates can be an asset for the organization. No matter how effective the infrastructure is or the equipment are; if the staff working therein is ineffective and shallow; it would be disappointing for the employer.

There are different types of tests like psychometric tests, verbal tests, numerical ability test and so on that are absolutely important. These tests have become an important part of recruitment system. After all, the recruiters are much concern about the talent they recruit for different positions in their business.  Whether you are making recruitment for one person or a bunch of people, these tests help you in evaluating the calibre and capabilities of the candidates.

What do you mean by Numerical Test?

The ability to think critically and make usage of numerical reasoning skills has become much more important in the working setting in recent years.  Since the work is getting extremely complicated and difficult; it gets vital that you have the right employees working in your business. You cannot afford to have a team of people who lack   at a critical area. Hence, having a test in the recruitment drive that inspects the numeric capabilities of folks is must for your company. After all, once you have inspected the candidate’s right at the time of recruitment, you would not have to worry about this aspect later on. These are the tests that help you in finding out if the candidates you are seeing as your employees have:

  • Skills
  • ability
  • Personality types

Once you have introduced this test in your recruitment procedure, it would give you results and you would not have to panic about this area. Many recruiters love this test because it is quick, effective, impartial and absolutely simple to execute. Of course, it is not easy to ask everybody about their numerical calibre and even if you ask them, you cannot measure it at all. The point is to have a test that helps you in examining all the areas and then finally pick a candidate who is apt and important.

It is apparent that numerical reasoning capability is one of the most simple skill areas. It is one that can be found in children even before they are taught mathematics in the school. Numerical reasoning tests also popular as numerical critical reasoning or data interpretation   tests include evaluating conditions and searching out conclusions from the data catered to measure one or several of the following:

  • Capability to analyse graphs and other information
  • General or basic arithmetic operations
  • Level of concentration in solving problems
  • Critical thinking ability
  • Level of speed in making analyses or assessments
  • Ability to perform estimates

It is an area that is believed to be one of the commonest skills required in present day data-driven marketplace, and when there are no strong numerical reasoning skills, it might be challenging to succeed in diverse jobs in the current time. Different types of fields take benefit from this type of testing like most of the administrative and clerical   jobs, jobs found in the craft and technical   field at any degree, and even spot in military or police field. In case you do recruitment in any of these areas, it would be ideal to have this test on board.

It would also be important for you to know that the main type of numerical reasoning test includes basic arithmetic such as subtraction, addition, number sequences, multiplication and division, and basic mathematics such as fractions, percentages, power and so on. This type of test can be believed to be a speed test and is mostly there to search out your basic proficiency.  If you are pondering that you may get the calculator to use then forget about it. You would be allowed to use any type of calculator or tool.

Why to use this test in the beginning?

Many people ask why these tests are employed in the beginning. The answer is that these tests are absolutely important and in their presence no wrong candidate would get a place in the working setting. The test would filter the good and the bad right in the beginning of the recruitment. Even before the recruitment of the individual, he or she would have to go through this test so as to showcase their calibre and potential.

Once the recruiters keep this test in their recruitment procedure, they can be at peace in the end of the recruitment procedure. Certainly, it would be easy for them to take decision. If there is an interview too in the end of the recruitment program but only the best candidates get the chance to enter therein. Certainly, what is the point if everybody who is coming for the recruitment program is getting there for interview? It would be really boring and irritating. However, once the candidates go through the pre-employment test, there would only be filtered candidates sitting in the interview.


Thus, the bottom line is that there are plenty of tests out there that can get through the recruitment program successfully. You would get the finest candidates at the end of the interview and test.  After all, once the recruitment drive is strong and effective, the candidates are going to be qualitative only.