Friday, 24 May 2024

nbn–When Will It be Available in Your Area?

Heard about nbn, the latest roar in the broadband world? Yes, amazing speeds are just what has caused the hype – we’ve never seen them this high before. Unfortunately, nbn is only available in some areas currently. It is being expanded, but it might take around three years at the most before it hits your locality. So wait till then, but trust us, the wait is oh so worth it. Let’s dig in the details, and see what it is about nbn that has caused people to talk about it so much, and so often.

nbn Explained

nbn, formerly the National Broadband Network, is Australia’s open access wholesale data network that features both radio and wired communication components. The project is being managed by nbn Co Limited (nbnTM). The promised speeds are 100 Mbit/s initially, but will rise later. The parent company plans to offer fast and reliable internet to everyone in Australia, regardless of where they are located.

The nbn project is the largest ever endeavour in Australia, considering the infrastructure domain. The goal is to update the country’s current phone and internet infrastructures, and while at it, a vast number of people will be impacted along with internet and phone services. nbnTM provides these internet plans to ISPs and phone companies, who then offer them to the general consumers. nbnTM doesn’t directly sell these plans to the public.

nbn network is based on several broadband technologies such as fibre optic cables, fixed wireless, satellite and even the conventional copper lines to deliver reliable and fast internet to all Australian residences and businesses.

And why do I need it?

Because Australia’s current copper internet infrastructure wasn’t designed to meet the needs of this century. The entire system struggled to keep up with the pace of advancement in technology, and so consumers had to bear with low speeds and unreliable internet connections. However, this is so going to change.

I want nbn

The nbn network is being deployed across the whole of Australia. Until 2020, eight million residential and commercial units would be connected. The network is still in the construction phase, though it has been made available in some areas. The groundwork is nearly complete. Once finished, ISPs and phone providers will offer a range of plans to consumers. These providers connect you to the nbn network through the Point of Interconnect (POI). Talk to them and find out if it’s available in your area, or check availability on an NBN rollout map.

I can’t afford to miss these benefits

The nbnTM access network is all about more creativity, greater efficiency and higher productivity.

  • A flexible option – Fast broadband is going to be available round the clock, so you can work remotely with more ease.
  • That provides access to the latest technology – Keep yourself updated with the latest in the innovation world.
  • And break down barriers – Get a degree, impart education in the rural areas or consult with your health practitioner – uninterrupted video calls are now easier than ever before.