Thursday, 30 Nov 2023
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Price List of Best Intel Core i5 Processor Price in India

This is the world of technology. And one of the things which matters over here the most is the usage of computer.  A computer is in fact a system made up of multiple hardware components – these include RAM, Hard disk, Graphic Card and Processor.  As a matter of fact, all these components are equally essential for the composition of a computer; but the one which we will be taking into account today is the processor. A processor is really important for the computer to run – it is one of the main things why the computer runs (speed of the computer) with core i5 processor price in india.

There are plethora of companies which are selling their processors in the market, and one of the most well known company is Intel. There are many types of processors which Intel offers. There are the one’s which are used in notebooks (Intel Atom), and then there are those high end processors for the composition of top class gaming computers. This high end processor from Intel is non-more but the all time known Intel Core i5 and i7. As a matter of fact, people mostly prefer these processors just for the sake of gaming; there is no doubt that normal business stuff can be done on a normal tablet as well.

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The one which we will be taking into consideration is the Intel Core i5 processor. To be more precise, we will be today discussing core i5 processor price in India.

There are a lot of versions of the core i5 available in India. This means that there are different price rates for Core i5 processor in India. But guess what? We have mentioned every type of Core i5 model below along with its price in India.

Intel Core i5 Processor Price in India

Here are the following –

Intel Core i5 750 Processor

This processor has a 2.66 GHz speed and has 4 cores, it is code named as the Lynnfield processor from Intel. The core i5 processor price in India is approximately RS 10,500.

Intel Core i5 650 CPU

The previous Intel Core i5 processor was quad-core, but this one over here is dual core. However, the speed of this processor is way more. It has normal speed of 3.2 GHz where as it can go as far as 3.46 GHz on turbo mode. The codename of this processor is Clarkdale. The price of Intel Core i5 650 CPU in India is RS 11,500.

There are further models of this Core i5 Processor as well; there are only a few speed improvements in the other models – here are the following (core i5 processor price in India have been mentioned below as well)

core i5 processor price in India

660 CPU – RS 11,500

661 CPU – 12,000

670 CPU – 16,000