Wednesday, 7 Dec 2022

How To Write A Press Release For Your Small Business?

If you are running a small business and want to get media coverage, then it is very to learn how to write a killer press release. But, there are certain things that you need to know like what do you include in a press release? How much should be the length? Who do you send a press release to? The professional online PR agency will help to answer you all this question.

To write the best press release, check out your goals and newsworthy angle, give proper formatting to your document, craft a catchy headline and sub headings, and write an intent and fact-based story. You can include a few resources for the journalists to come up with unique angles, such as multimedia, quotes, or referral links.

What’s a PR?

A press release or PR is an important document that provides journalists and media houses the essential details that they can decide if it is important to cover that story.

For the local and industry titles, an impressive and detailed written press release includes the most compelling quotes to be published, without any change. On the national publication, the journalist will do their research & interviews.

Why should you write a press release?

The press releases are one kind of statements that are generally shared with the journalists to create positive news coverage. Every brand or business wants to generate admiring media coverage for their product and service.

However, some businesses do fail to understand the real value of the press releases and opt for endless email campaigns, social posting media, and funding in direct marketing. The press releases offer free publicity and with a range of internet portals, news websites, blogs, or other mediums looking to publish well-written and valuable content on the regular basis, there is no way to sit over your news story. It is time to get a word out and increase your business visibility in no time.

Some online PR agency will share your story based completely on a press release. They will contact you to schedule an interview or get an expert source to create another story. It is especially the case when you send out PR sharing newsworthy stories or topics.

Simply saying, “This is my business!” does not appear newsworthy. Some announcements are:

  • Planning a big competition or contest
  • Launching your new business, product, and service
  • Hosting an event
  • Associating with a charity program or celebrity
  • Sharing your customer success story
  • Going to win an award
  • Promoting a new manager
  • Announcing merger and acquisition
  • And more

One best way you can check your story’s newsworthiness will be looking at the coverage that other brands or businesses receive.

How to write a press release?

A well-drafted PR needs to pay attention to the formatting and style guidelines because media houses have expectations & time constraints too. If you want to write an impressive press release, start by selecting your press release metrics and goals.

Choose the right story angle that can capture the attention of those journalists. After that, you must configure the document format settings & start adding certain elements such as your business logo, date stamp & release date. Lastly, write a copy of your release that must include a summary, body, boilerplate for every business mentioned, and call to action.

Just make sure your release follows the normal press release format:

  • Headline – Give an attention-grabbing headline it really makes a difference!
  • Lead –An overview of your story, which must include answers to questions
  • Dateline – This confirms you are offering the latest information.
  • Body –To give an explanation of information given earlier in a lead, begin from the newsworthy information about your product & finishing with the secondary details.
  • Business info –One short paragraph that talks about your business and products or service that will help journalists to understand the business nature and make writing simpler.
  • Media information –An author or agency’s contact details.

How A Press Release Will Can Help Your Business?

Knowing when and how to send a killer press release is an important skill for business owners to generate publicity and improve sales. If you are going to write the press release, write it in a story form. Journalists get flooded with plenty of press inquiries; hence make sure you a bit creative and it will make a huge difference.