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How to Choose a Marine Stereo System?

Buying the best stereo system might not be as easy as one might think. If you’re planning to buy anything, then you definitely have to do a little research. Investing your money in the wrong place can cost you a lot.

Choosing a marine stereo system takes some time because it’s definitely not as simple as fixing a stereo in your car. As much as the technology is evolving, marine stereo systems are also becoming better with time. Today, they are available in different sizes and shapes as per everyone’s requirements.

So how is it possible for you to get the best one for your boat? Here are some tips for you that can help you choose the best stereo system or even a Garmin Marine Radar.

Never Buy Products with ‘Marinized’ Tag

You must be thinking that it might be the right choice for your boat? But, it’s not.

It simply means that it comes with an automotive system with a spray-coated circuit-board. Chances are that this type of board may not work well for a long time. So, if you’re after durability, then skip this product.

Check the Installation Size

Do you want to replace the stereo system? If yes, then you must already have a cutout on the board that you need to fill. When that is the case, it’s important for you to get a system as per the size.

The size of the cutout can seriously influence your choice, so make sure you’re aware of the size before purchasing a Garmin radar or stereo system for your boat.

Choose the Right Power Output

Are you thinking of getting an external amplifier? If yes, then you can skip this, but keep on reading if you’re not!

You can measure the power output in two ways: Peak Power or RMS. All you have to do is check for high numbers. Normally, a stereo producing 40-60 watts of peak power per channel offers good quality sound. For RMS, the numbers should be around 160-240 watts.

These numbers are quite enough for a good sound range, so make sure you’re aware of the amount of power that the stereo can produce for a good sound experience.

Are They Enclosed Speakers?

But why enclosed speakers, right? Well, the console or the flush-mounting can put a huge impact on the sound quality. The enclosed speakers enable you to design the space at the back of the speakers as per your requirements. In this case, the sound quality does not get negatively influenced.

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Read About the Features

Every stereo comes with a few features, but it’s up to you how many of them you need. You must have some unique requirements when it comes to your boat stereo, therefore, it’s important to check them all before purchasing it.

Some of the features that you should look for in all stereo includes:

  •         Waterproof. Duh, it’s not even a question! It’s important to get a stereo that is waterproof to ensure that it works for a long time. Since the stereo will be in water and humid environment, so compromising on this thing can lead you to buy another one within a few months. Avoid this problem by only looking for a ‘waterproof’ sign on your stereo.
  •         CD Player. You would definitely want to play your favorite songs on the boat, right? Having a CD player is a convenience that you would not want to compromise on. Look for a stereo that comes with this option for you!
  •         Device Connectivity. It’s a MUST! Every other person has their phone on them at all times with their playlist in it. You can easily play songs on your phone from YouTube or other sites, so your fun is not limited to a few songs only. Check for device connectivity options, for instance, aux audio or USB ports so you can play your favorite songs without any worry.
  •         Remote System. Not all of the stereo devices come with a remote system and you often have to shop them separately. Look for a device that comes with a wired or wireless remote system for your convenience.

Final Words

Buying a stereo system is not so difficult if you’re aware of what you’re looking for. Make sure to follow the steps in this article, so you don’t fall for the wrong one.

A good stereo device can provide you with amazing sound quality and a wonderful experience. Get yourself an amazing stereo system that adds 5-stars to your music experience. Choose the best service provider for the installation in your boat!