Sunday, 14 Apr 2024

Here’s a Quick way to fight high Electricity Bills

Go Green! – is the statement of the decade. Human civilization, on their own hand has advanced their way of living which initiated some natural disasters like shortage of drinking water, scarcity of green plants, unhygienic environment and of course scarcity of electricity is also on the list. With high consumption of electricity, problem is not only the scarcity but also the lengthy electricity bills.

Major Reasons of High Electricity Bills

From bathing to sleeping, we need electricity supply all throughout the day. Let that hot water for bathing or air conditioner for sleeping tight, if we calculate, our electric consumption is more than our food consumption one day. Hence bills will definitely be high. Doesn’t our heart stop beating for a second when you get your electricity bill in hand?

Electrical gadgets like TV, fridge, laptop, washing machine, water heater, water purifier, lights, and air conditions are basic needs of a person and also these machines consumption highest power. Apart from these, some miscellaneous gadgets like hair dryer, coffee machines, water boiler, microwave etc also consume enough power to enlarge your electricity bills. Some major reasons of high electricity bills are

  • First reason is, most of the times we keep some appliances plugged in and switched on even when we are not using it. For example, most of us plug in our phone to charging mode and sleep for the night. Your phone hardly needs an hour to get charged. For the rest of the night, electricity is just wasted.
  • Big appliances like Washing machine, dish washer, microwave and others- they consume maximum electricity. If your electricity bill is high then you must be using this monster machines very often.
  • Especially not to forget our bad habits. Most of us forget to switch off lights and fans of the room or place we check out. Sometimes we keep the lights on even when we don’t need them. These habits waste not only a lot of electricity but also add up to your electricity bills.
  • All you need to understand is, the more techno gadget lover you are, the more bills you pay. Throughout the day, we stay depended on electrical gadgets then why you bill won’t be long?

Some ways to Fight High Electricity Bills

After you know about all the reasons of high electricity bill, its time t cut it short. Here are some exclusive quick ways that will help you to fight against it.

Switch to solar mode

Electricity is costly. Solar panels are also costly but are cheaper than electricity. If you want to cut short your electricity bill, switch to solar use. Sure, you have to buy solar panels for your home, but they are worth buying if they can save you money in future.

Try some on gas cooking

We all miss our mom’s freshly cooked food made on gas burner. Microwave is easy to use, saves you a lot of time in cooking, but definitely cannot give you food as tasty as your mom made. Hence keep aside the microwave for some time and try cooking on gas.

Switch off the Wi-Fi when not in Need

We have a bad tendency to keep appliances switched off even when they aren’t on work. Wi-fi connection is one of them. If you are watching TV or gossiping with your friends and you don’t need the wi-fi, switch it off. It will save you enough electricity.

Avoid Air-Conditioner when not Required

Nothing is fresher than natural air. Staying under AC or cooler not only does affect your respiration but also consumes a lot of electricity. Once you come back home, open the big windows and let the fresh air pass through your home. Natural air will cool down your room temperature and that too without costing you anything. Besides, the time you will keep your AC and cooler switched off and breathe in fresh air, you will be silently deducing your electricity bill.

Let your roofs rest in white colour

Some studies have come up with the fact that when roofs are painted white, the room consumes 40% less electricity. Hence try that too!

Final Say

No one can save you if you can’t save yourself. In this century of scarcity, electricity is one of the major concerns. If you try a bit to cut short your electricity bill, it will not only help you save money but will also save the nature. It can be the future of Home automation India.