Thursday, 28 Sep 2023

Google Assistant Tips And Tricks: 10 Cool Things To Do With It

Googles adverts its Ai assistant as the next big thing in google ecosystem due to the sheer amount of research and development invested into it. The Ai powered assistant, named “Google assistant” does show that It’s made to the mettle because it’s the most advanced AI out there. Google assistant competes directly with Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Bixby, and Microsoft’s Cortana. But with the close-knit integration with Google home, Pixel, and other Google IoT devices, Google assistance is slowly becoming the most adopted AI assistant.


Get your news on the go: If you are in a hurry or need a quick glance at the current affairs, Google Assistant can help in many ways. You can ask your Google Assistant latest news, and it will show you the most relevantarticles. Also, the assistant can read out important lines in no time.

Plan Your Route:Google Assistant can route your journey for you. All you need to do is tell your Google assistant where you are going, and the route map with traffic updates will be available for you in no time.

Stay Updated On The Weather: Heading out? Your Google Assistant can fill you in on the weather updates on your planned route. This bit is really helpful when you want to be prepared for the elements.

Stay Updated On Your Favourite Sports Scores: You can ask your Google Assistant for the real-time scores on a specific sport, and it will read out the results for you. If you are on a commute or driving, google assistant can keep you updated all the time.

Enjoy The Hands-Free Experience With Google Home: With Google home, you have the microphones,listening to your commands 24/7. This helps you to say commands without even pressing a button.

Open Apps From Google Assistant: You can open apps and settings directly from google assistant.

Sing You Songs: Google Assistant is quirkier than you think! With the command “sing me a song”, you can get the Google Assistant to sing you a song, and it’s pretty good at it!

Have A Personal Happy Birthday Song From Google: That’s right! Ask your Google Assistant “sing me a birthday song,” and you can listen to the birthday song from Google made for you.

Check Your Emails And Flights: The Google Assistant is smart enough to filter out the emails that seem very important to you as well as track your flight dates. You can simply ask the assistant to check your emails and done!

Send Voice Messages On WhatsApp Via Google Assistant: You can send your voice messages by recording them on Google Assistant and then giving the instruction to send this message to a recipient.

This list shows only some of the fractions that make Google Assistant a smart and intelligent AI we know now. However, it’s constantly evolving. New updates and features are rolling out often to make Google Assistant the best there is!

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