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How to Fix Outlook Error Code [pii_email_9c55590039c2c629ec55]?

Communication is essential these days. We often use social media applications to connect with the world. To be the instance, one of the popular ways of communicating in the earlier days was email. However, many businesses still prefer to contact over email for all business-related deals or queries.

If we are talking about email? Then, how can we forget about one of the popular applications? You must have guessed it right. I am talking about Microsoft Outlook. However, it is filled with a lot of common errors. The outlook error code [pii_email_9c55590039c2c629ec55] is one of them. 

Outlook Error Code [pii_email_9c55590039c2c629ec55]

There is no need to get worried. We have added a quick solution and guide to fix the outlook error code [pii_email_9c55590039c2c629ec55]. Let’s have a look.

Reasons Behind The Outlook Error [pii_email_9c55590039c2c629ec55]

There could be multiple reasons behind the outlook error code [pii_email_9c55590039c2c629ec55]. Some of them, we have added below.

  • You must be using multiple email accounts in the outlook application. Sometimes, using multiple accounts can create conflict with the other email accounts and cause such errors.
  • You must be using the older or outdated version of outlook.
  • You must have installed any third-party email application that can cause this error.
  • Improper installation.

These are some of the common reasons behind the outlook error code [pii_email_9c55590039c2c629ec55]. Let’s have a look at solutions now.

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How to Fix Outlook Error Code [pii_email_9c55590039c2c629ec55]?

You can simply fix the outlook error code [pii_email_9c55590039c2c629ec55] by following the below-given solutions.

Clear Cache & Cookies – 1

You must be facing the error code [pii_email_9c55590039c2c629ec55] because of the unwanted cookies and cache issues. It is quite common, though. You can prevent this error by clearing the unwanted cache and cookies from the outlook application.

For this, you need to open the Outlook application, and under the settings, you will find the option to clear cache & cookies.

Update to the latest version – 2

You must be using the outdated version of Microsoft outlook. This can cause such an error. However, to solve this. You need to uninstall the previous outlook version completely from the computer and install the latest updated version from the internet.

You can download and install the latest version of outlook from the official Microsoft website.

Outlook Web Version – 3

Last, if the error still appears on the screen? You can discontinue using the application version and move to the web version of outlook. There are no such errors like [pii_email_9c55590039c2c629ec55]. 

Outlook Error Code [pii_email_9c55590039c2c629ec55]

You can visit the outlook website from here:


Here we come at the end. To be an instance, the main and primary motive of this article to help people who are looking for solutions to fix the outlook error code [pii_email_9c55590039c2c629ec55]. There must be many guides over the internet. But, we have personally tested the methods that we have added over here. 

We have added all the possible solutions to fix the Microsoft outlook error code [pii_email_9c55590039c2c629ec55]. We hope this article helps. If there is anything else? You can ask us in the comments section.