Saturday, 8 Aug 2020

Few Essential Tips for a Simpler Blog Design

How can you decide what you need for your blog design and what features are important? For these questions, this article will provide some ideas and examples. During our extensive redesign, some products follow on blog design.


Simplicity is not an end

Simplicity is all well and good, why do we make a blog and write articles? Just for the readers, who are the visitors? At a glance, your readers should understand your website as well as they should be familiar with the navigations. Moreover, your contents should be easily accessible.

Everything must go

Simplicity is achieved by omitting everything until nothing is left. What should you omit? Something should remain that which constitutes the core, the essential function; In other words, the essential benefits. Since people are very cautious when it comes to the internet, you could have the best by using the opposite principle. It simply means out with everything and in with new items. Make sure you bring in what users love. It may not look good but it is much faster.

Examples in Blog Design

Since we are specifically talking about blogs, here are some basic examples. The concrete examples chosen are interchangeable and have accumulated during my blog. You can use the information as a stimulus for your own considerations.



Who is using bookmark services? Okay, and who use these buttons need a reminder. Why? If the person who probably only uses a bookmark service and all at the expense of all other users? You probably know more Internet users who surf even with CRT.


Ask your neighbors out, if this is a permalink. Why is it then available on many pages in plain text, or at least in the title of the more links? It has no benefit for the visitor. So omit them.

Toolbars & Social Widgets

Although the monitors and their resolutions tend to be larger, I do not want unwilling toolbars. If I use functions of a toolbar, then to me, I hide this.

Buttons & Counter

Can Facts and figures be very helpful – or not? What does a visitor numbers help you with? However, it can be used for an initial assessment of a blog quite helpful if you can find clearly significant numbers. Thus at present are large feed reader figures in fashion. I think in that particular case makes sense.


A blog should be read primarily. This includes a reasonable print version (should still be paper-reader) ordinary structure, typography, and many principles of good design. Of course, sometimes a “swooshing” sound nicer is sufficient to contrast for the visually impaired. Then it is to find an appropriate solution in each individual case and to test.