Friday, 5 Mar 2021

Explore GogoPDF: A Reliable Online Tool to Convert PDF Files to PDF/A Format

Many people usually keep various documents with a high level of value and confidentiality. It could be marriage contracts, birth and death certificates, legal property titles, and many others. The same thing goes with PDF files. Some PDFs contain information and data that you need to keep for a long time. 

However, when you store your PDFs in your computer drive or smartphone for many years, the layout and design tend to change over time. Hence, to avoid these unnecessary changes to happen in your files in the future, you have to convert your PDF files to PDF/A format. This file format will preserve your PDF files’ quality and keep everything the same even if you open them after twenty-five years. 

Therefore, you’ll need a reliable file converter to successfully process this file task for you. Don’t worry because one of the popular file converters you can find online is now available on the internet. It’s the GogoPDF platform that will process converting your files. Hence, read the complete details below about the GogoPDF file conversion tool you’ll need for your PDF files. 

Fast PDF to PDF/A Conversion 

The PDF to PDFA converter of GogoPDF uses the most reliable and innovative conversion technology that will complete the file task in the fastest possible time. Gone are the days when you needed updated computer software to process file conversion or ask professional help from a computer expert. 

Today, the internet can provide you with tons of free file converters from different websites online. However, GogoPDF is one of those sought-after websites you can use that will convert your PDF files to PDF/A format within a matter of minutes. You only have to get your PDF files uploaded on the official website of GogoPDF. 

After that, the tool will start scanning every single page or file in your uploaded PDFs and carefully converting them to PDF/A format. Please wait for a couple of minutes. Once your device’s screen shows that it’s done, the converted PDF/A files are now available for download. Hence, your files are now ready for long-term safekeeping in your computer file drive. 

High-Quality Converted PDF/A Files

One of the common concerns of using an online tool is its capability to produce high-quality outputs. Everything will be a waste of time if you’ll never get the converted results you need. This PDF to PDF/A file converter of GogoPDF aims to produce a file format that will preserve your PDFs quality after many years of storing them in your file drive. 

However, some PDF users have unsatisfying file conversion experience while using other tool providers of the same service. It could be that the file structure or the design and layout have changed after file conversion when it is supposed to be the same. There’s nothing changed with your PDF files. It’s just the PDF standard that has been converted to PDF/A. 

Don’t worry because the GogoPDF file conversion tool will never let you have any of those disappointing experiences stated above. As mentioned earlier, GogoPDF uses the most reliable and innovative file conversion technology that ensures accuracy and consistency, which are significantly observed during and after the entire file conversion process. Because of this, everything on your PDF files will all be the same after transforming them into PDF/A format. 

Convenient Tool Access

Another issue that most PDF users have encountered when using an online tool is its accessibility. It’ll truly be a hassle for you when the tool you’ve chosen to use will require you to provide a set of requirements before accessing it. However, the GogoPDF platform will never give you a headache in using its file converter that you can find on its website. 

You can access the tool of GogoPDF using a laptop or desktop. It won’t also matter if you have Linux, Windows, or Mac operating system. It’s because the file converter of GogoPDF is compatible with any of these. Besides that, the use of smartphones to convert your PDF files is also available. File uploads from An Android phone and iOS are both acceptable on the GogoPDF system. Hence, you can easily access the GogoPDF file conversion tool, and you can quickly get your files converted anytime you want. 


If you have many important PDF files and you plan to keep them in your file drive for many years, it’ll be better to convert your PDFs to PDF/A today. Hence, always visit the GogoPDF website to access its file conversion tool whenever you need one in the future.