Sunday, 20 Sep 2020

Different and Best Methods for Mobile App Monetization

If you are a new app developer and is not familiar with different app monetization or android monetization methods than it is good to read this article as the methods explained below are tried and tested methods and are very good for app developers who want to start app development work and want to earn money from it

Here are some different and best methods for Mobile App Monetization:

Different and Best Methods for Mobile App Monetization

For starters, consider the following basic methods to monetize android app

  • Try to use startapp, Admob or any other good platform so that the in-app advertising concept can be included.
  • You can also try to sell the ad space with the help of startapp review to different vendors and app merchants.
  • You can also link your app with different affiliate sites and their useful products and services.
  • It is always good to introduce the concept of push notifications.
  • In order to increase the overall revenue, you can also charge for different apps or various in-app purchases that are being made.

Apart from methods and strategies that are discussed above another major area from where money can be made is called as free app building and subsequent monetization strategy.

  • As per different Android forums and android news, the free apps are also major drivers of overall growth as most of the apps that are downloaded are free but you can make money by introducing the app advertisement concept.
  • There are many app advertising things that can be included such as flash advertisements and many other such related concepts.
  • If you want your own app being showcased then consider using startapp or another ad aggregating service.
  • The SDK tools offered by the startapp are best in class and offers complete flexibility. But always make sure that you incorporate all the terms and conditions honestly so as to avoid any penalty later during the launch stage.
  • There is another popular method that is related to community based apps and that requires you to charge monthly fees from different merchants or different vendors so that you can include their information in your app.
  • Many operators that operate in play stores have relationships with different and unique affiliate marketing sites such as startapp and commission junction.
  • Always ensure regular updates that are related to your app as it will help you to connect with the app users and valuable feedback can be collected so that more improvement can be made.

Apart from development and testing you also need to keep a strong focus on the marketing part and for that you can take ample help of the android ad network.

Making money by developing apps and marketing  is turning out to be a multi-million dollar business and many big companies have started realizing its potential and are ready to join the bandwagon at any time. You can easily search for such companies over the internet and start monetizing your app as soon as possible.