Wednesday, 7 Dec 2022
Web Design

Design a Website using Webydo

Webydo is a master of web page designer and moreover internet website creator suite that enables the graphic designers to create distinct remarkable as well as breathtaking HTML websites without even utilizing codes. With the aid of this online software program, creative designers could easily bring just about any design and style to life merely by clicking a button. The software also can publish a HTML created website with a built in CMS for the owner of the website.
Webydo is a direct result of love of the designer’s society. Every single feature that Webydo include is designed by the designers bearing in mind the needs that other developers might need. As the software is created by the designers themselves, the features incorporated into the software are fashioned very easy to make use of so that even newbies can easily make use of them completely. The features that Webydo consists of are:

Professional tools

The software comes with a built-in professional web designing software that allows you to control all the design elements that are available in the software. You can start designing or creating your website builder with a blank canvas page or you can also make use of pre-designed layouts in order to save your time.

Drag and Drop feature

The software has a very easy to use feature of Drag and Drop that makes our work a lot easier. The option enables us to add different elements like images, music, videos, flash videos, widget, menus as well as forms by just clicking on them, dragging them on the editing page and dropping them. The element is added at the position where you drop it and the software is able to optimize all the assets to bring out the best performance automatically.

Code free Website designing

You can create as well as design complicated designs very easily because you do not need any type of coding in the software. Webydo is able to convert the designs that you use automatically into HTML codes and Content Management System also for the client.

Hundreds of Web Fonts

Webydo offers you more than hundreds of web fonts that you can use to design your Web Page. All the fonts are open-source fonts that are specially optimized for web pages, ensuring the users the perfect topography as well as manifesting the desired look and feel of your website.

Cross Platform

The software is able to create a cross platform code of your website that are updated to the latest standards of industries, making it sure that the website will look similar as original on all the devices and platforms it is opened.

Our software program turns out to be a simple as well as user-friendly and uncomplicated way of website creating and designing which is a fantastic fit for all the website designers as well as others which are wanting to design but are not keen to end up in the cluttered HTML programming codes. The software program is a one in all packages that can help you from creating the website right until publishing it as well as in SEO and tracking your website.