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Cricbuzz: Everything you want to know about Cricbuzz

Cricbuzz is one of the best websites for all the cricket lovers out there. If you are the one who don’t want to watch the full match and just want to know the live score of cricket matches then Cricbuzz website is specially made for you. Basically, This website keeps you updated with all the cricket scores which are happening worldwide. Best part about this website is that, All the scores are live updated on this portal. You can check live cricket score from CricBuzz app. Even if you don’t have to refresh the page for the latest score, the Score board will automatically update every second.

Cricbuzz IPL Live Score

Features of CricBuzz

Cricbuzz is loaded with tons of amazing features. This website is 7th most popular website in the Cricket Industry. Here are few of the amazing features of this cricket portal:

  • Every second score card is updated [ Live Score Board ].
  • Shows complete score details of all the players. 
  • Users can check live cricket scores in CricBuzz. 
  • Live commentary is also displayed in the bottom section of the page. 
  • Expert opinions are also available on the homepage section of CricBuzz. 
  • User Interface of the website is just awesome. 
  • Highlights video of Matches are also available on this portal. 
  • Upcoming match details are also updated on the CricBuzz blogs. 
  • All matches schedule are available on the website of CricBuzz.

CricBuzz Live Score: How to Check? 

CricBuzz provides it’s user with the feature to check live score of any running matches. This is one of the main features of CricBuzz which helps this website to gain so much popularity among the cricket lovers. Supposedly you want to check today’s IPL match score then you have to only open the CricBuzz website in your tab and later on that score page will be automatically refreshed after every seconds.

Who owns CricBuzz? 

CricBuzz is an Indian website which is owned by Times Internet. Basically, This website covers all the latest Cricket news, videos, commentary ( text), cricket scores, stats of playing players etc. Also, this website covers all India matches schedule and all the other information related to it. All the functioning of CricBuzz is managed by Times Internet in India. However, This website is viewed by people all around the world.

How to Check IPL Score in CricBuzz? 

Yes, You heard it right! We can check live IPL Scores directly from CricBuzz app & website. Only sad part is that, you cannot watch live IPL matches videos on their Portal. However, All IPL 2021 matchs live score will be visible on the CricBuzz website/app. Live cricket scores can be easily enjoyed from CricBuzz. Now you don’t have to surf any third party app/website to check the live IPL scores. CricBuzz is enough to meet all your requirements. 

Mostly people visited this website during IPL times. Nowadays, CricBuzz is getting millions of daily visits due to the IPL chaos. Tons of peoples are daily checking the live IPL scores from CricBuzz. All the users are enjoying the Live IPL Cricket Scores feature of CricBuzz. 

What are you waiting for? Just open the in your device and start enjoying all the real time updates of current matches. You will be really impressed by the amazing features of CricBuzz.

Final Words

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