Sunday, 14 Apr 2024

Cloud App for Windows

What is a cloud app for Windows?

A cloud app for Windows is probably the best thing you can get for yourself if what you want is the easiest and most convenient sharing of files. However, there is not one but many cloud file sharing applications that are available for Windows. Naturally, it becomes hard for most of us to decide which is the best and the most suitable cloud app for Windows that we should get.

Two Cloud Apps we know about

There are two very popular cloud app for Windows that are constantly competing with each other in order to get the rank of the best cloud app. These two apps are CloudApp and Doplr. These applications help you to share your files directly from the menu bar or the web. However, the problem lies in the fact that these two applications resemble each other so much that it is really hard to distinguish one from the other.

What are the basic similarities of these two?

Both these cloud apps are widely used for sharing files, both are provided with original applications that hep you share from OS X and Windows. You will also get free account registration options from both CloudApp and Doplr and now both are available with the option to get you registered into pro accounts that add much more features to the simply sharing of files.

The underlying differences

While from the crust, both of these cloud applications resemble each other to a great extent, there are a number of minute differences that actually distinguish the two from each other and quite effectively as well. CloudApp, at the initial glance looks more like it is exclusively designed for Mac. However, as you go ahead and use it, you will find that it is perfectly suitable for Macs, PCs, the internet and so on and so forth. Cloud App for Windows lets you share up to 10 files each of a maximum of 25 MB each day for free. Besides, there is also no limit on the number of files that you can save in your account. On the other hand, Doplr is a web oriented application that has been recently upgraded with tons of innovative features and accessories. While on one hand, you can upload as many files as you want under 25 MB size of each, you can only use 1 GB space if you want a free account. If you want to buy the premium version of Cloud App for Windows, you have to pay 5 USD per month or 45 USD per year, after which you can upload files up to 250 MB in size. You also get to use a personalized domain all for yourself. On the other hand, Doplr provides you an introductory price of 3 USD for a month or 30 USD for a year to go premium to an account where you can upload up to 100 GB of your files and enjoy the benefits of tons of more features.