Sunday, 30 Jan 2022

Choosing the best cheap web hosting: What makes web hosting great?

Having a great web hosting site within the reach of your budget is a bit of task, especially if you have just started with web hosting.

To get the most out of it, you would need to identify your expectations first. For example, if you have a website heavy on visual characteristics, you would not want to go with a shared web hosting with very limited resources.

You should be clear on what kind of website you want for yourself- ‘Personal’ or ‘Commercial’.

Thereon, you can proceed and decide on other important features you’d require. Here are just a few of many types of web hosting options:

  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Optimized
  • Cloud-based
  • Dedicated Server
  • Reseller
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)

To ensure you get the most out of your web hosting services, here are few of the things that you would need to assess

  1. What constitutes your cheap web hosting?
  2. How important is web building tools apart from web hosting services provided?
  3. Is managing and increasing web traffic your primary objective?
  4. Do you want to focus solely on the cost?

Assessing what you want and segregating accordingly is the first step towards getting cheap web hosting.

What to expect from budgeted web hosting plan? 

A reasonable uptime, efficient customer support, webmail and email services, sufficient bandwidth, relevant features, and good speed should top your checklist.

Choosing a great web hosting site and a plan that fulfills your needs is the bottom-line.

Here are some of the features you should be looking for:

24/7 Customer support is must 

It is essential to have immediate assistance if something goes wrong on your website. How quickly you are able to resolve your issues depends on the quality of customer support.

There is one customer-oriented web hosting provider which stands out from the most – SiteGround. They have set benchmarks in terms of providing quality customer support. The representatives are reachable 24/7 through chat support, ticket support as well as phone support. SiteGround reviews are calling them the pioneers in providing quality customer service!

What surprised me the most, was their proactive method of contacting their customers as soon as they purchase the account, in turn helping them to set up their first website on SiteGround. That is something I have never seen another provider do, period.

Security and Backup

This is important to consider because you won’t like a messed up scene of a crashed website or your site being hacked. Protecting the server to safeguard your web files etc. to not get harassed by unethical hacking, should be a part of their web hosting plan.

How the web hosting companies handle the security aspect, must be gauged. Read reviews, go for expert advice and then choose accordingly. Also, saving your important (if not all) files and pages is a point to take note of. Backing up your site, databases should be a must-have-feature of your web host provider. This makes sure your site has all the nitty-gritties clear, making your website an easy experience for everyone. SiteGround, Hostinger, Bluehost; all these names are known to provide top-notch and secure hosting services with backup.

Bandwidth (scalable) 

When your website grows, increased traffic generated is the green indicator of this phenomenon. Your web host services should include scaling this growth.

Upgrading accordingly to accommodate your traffic is a thing you must look for, in your web host services.

A scalable bandwidth is an important feature your web hosting site must brace you with.

Choose a hosting plan that allows you to maintain increased traffic at clear costs. Additionally, always make sure that your web hosting company provides you the required bandwidth, in the pre and post phases of your site’s traffic growth respectively.

Bandwidth thus, forms an important component of your web hosting services.

Superb Server Uptime 

An ideal server uptime is 99 to 100%. A great recovery speed with a consistent performance exemplifies superb server time.

While it is a fact that no web host can provide a level of 100, you must not compromise if they don’t tally with the set standards of Uptime.

A rating of 4 and more with no downtime issues is a catch you must find in your web hosting plan.

Hostinger is an excellent hosting company in this aspect. The company has a documented 100% uptime with a few exceptions.


The truth is you don’t need anything unlimited as your storage option. But, if any of the companies out there is providing it- go for it!

Just remember these terms and conditions:

  1. Do not choose your web host based on the aspect of storage alone.
  2. Make sure that your web hosting plan has a high storage to comply with your site’s needs.
  3. Rent out only the adequate storage space for your website to grow.

Store what you can utilize and pay for services that really matter for your site.

Hostinger and Siteground offer different plans/packages. You can choose one depending on your website’s storage needs.


Finally, you can decide on the budget factor. Go for a comparison of the web host provider’s monthly and yearly plans.

Also, take into account the nature of plan, the kind of services provided, hidden costs etc.

Cheap web hosting is possible. Be sure to look at the right place.