Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

How Board Portal Software Benefits Your Organization

We live in an exciting technological era where new inventions are released all the time, but when you’re looking to get a boost from new tech, don’t just fall for whatever new gizmo is the most dazzling. Companies, non-profits, Crown agencies, and health organizations are increasingly turning to board portal software for its ability to keep directors connected securely.

Read on to see all the ways this important new software can benefit your organization.

Modern Communication Tools:

Board portal software lets your board of directors stay connected before, during, and after meetings. It streamlines communications by having them all in one place, so you’ll never have to toggle between emails and chat messages again.


Directors in different geographic regions get the full tools to collaborate on whatever device they want, as the software is designed so that you can easily get as full an experience on a mobile device as you would on a desktop. Board portal software also makes sharing and annotating important board documents simple. Directors can flag certain passages or make changes, and other directors will immediately get an email notification that changes have been made so that no time is wasted getting everyone caught up.

The latest advancements in board portal software make it easy to settle issues requiring a vote, as there’s a specific poll function directors can use. Board portal software ensures that your directors have all the tools they need to stay connected to each other and up to date, in a way that saves them time.

Maximum Security:

Every organization has sensitive information they need to keep confidential, and board portal software offers robust security.

All the best board portal software is highly encrypted, and board portal industry leaders always keep their data stored on servers which adhere to independent third-party security certification requirements. Logging in is easy to do, and each log-in is authenticated. This ensures that your organization knows that everybody who accessed the software did in fact have permission to do so.

Importantly, if a device issued by your organization goes missing, you can clear all of its board data remotely. This greatly reduces the odds of a security breach. If a director whose device has gone missing needs to access board information, they can simply log in from any other device. Board portal software is cloud-based, so you always have full access to all of your most important documents.

Highly Usable, Personalized Support:

Board portal software is designed to be intuitive so that anybody can use it right away, as the finger-swiping and drag-and-drop technology it uses will already be familiar to most people.

But if you do run into a snag, the software company should offer 24/7 support through email, or phone. It’s even better if the support staff are already familiar with your company, so no time is wasted catching them up.

Companies and organizations depend on modern communication tools to operate, and they also require the utmost in security — so when it comes to looking for tech that delivers, it’s no wonder that so many of them are turning to board portal software.