Tuesday, 21 Sep 2021

All You Need to Know About Big Data Analytics Technologies and Platforms

At the moment, many in different sectors around the world are heavily relying on the information they get from big data. Most businesses have succeeded because of analyzing big data. Since big data has become a necessity in different companies across the globe, many applications have been developed for it. Though big data is essential in helping many organizations, it is quite complex. You have to take into account that it deals with large volumes of data. The volume of information has proved to be too much for traditional data techniques as they are slow and cannot be utilized with big data. As a result, a need for a new type of technology that can analyze and utilize the large volume of data by turning it into valuable information arose.

So, What Is Big Data?

The term “big data” has been receiving a lot of attention over the past few years. If you are into different trends in technology and the business world, you have probably heard of the phrase. There are different definitions of big data out there. In most cases, things that deal with large amounts of data are associated with big data, just as the name suggests. In a nutshell, big data is described as the act of getting and processing large volumes of data. Through different systems and algorithms, the large volume of data from different sources is collected and then later analyzed by different organizations. 

With the advancement of technology, people have found new ways to keep extensive amounts of data. A good example is the mobile phone or computers. You can imagine the amount of data that is collected from the online activities of every online user daily. These large volumes of data need advanced technology so that it can be made useful, and that is where big data technology comes into play.

Big Data Technologies

Data management is crucial in helping different companies in several sectors understand and utilize what big data has to offer. Though not every business is utilizing big data technologies, some have replaced convectional data technology with big data applications. Like many business owners, you might be wondering about the meaning of big data technologies. As stated above, big data involves the collection and utilization of large volumes of data from different sources. When it comes to big data technologies, this is the utilization of software that allows one to collect, store, share, and visualize data. It includes the use of different techniques and tools. Big data technologies can be classified into two categories. These categories are operational and analytical big data technologies.

Operational technologies involve giving information on the volume of data generated daily. This data can be generated from different social media platforms and is used to analyze big data-based software. On the other hand, analytical big data technologies are more advanced and complex than the other type. Analytical big data technologies are used in making different business-related decisions like marketing. Some big data technologies can be classified under generic storage and streaming processing.

Big Data Platforms

Big data platform is another term you need to learn a few things about. A big data analytics platform is described as an ecosystem of different technologies and services that are used to analyze large volumes of complect data. On the other hand, some describe big data platform as an IT solution that joins the capabilities and features of different big data applications and utilities within a single solution. It mainly comprises big data servers, storage, management, and business intelligence. Through these platforms, businesses are can understand and utilize complex data.


Big data has become a significant asset to many enterprises around the globe. Understanding what it entails is crucial in helping businesses achieve their goals by utilizing big data technologies and platforms.