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Best Router for Gaming

Best Router for Gaming

Gamers are serious people. Obviously the adult gamers I mean, this article is intended towards people who now don’t play Angry Birds anymore. Gaming takes a lot of stuffs, costly obviously, and they have to be out of the mark performing tools. And routers are the must have device when it comes to multiplayer games. Nothing gets much funnier when some friends are hanging out and playing the same game in individual PCs, but to have that fun, you have to spoil a little fun by paying money for the routers to get Best Router for Gaming. Do all of them require a big amount of money? Not necessarily. You can get a lot of routers without scissoring your wallet.

What things to expect and consider while buying a gaming router? Best Router for Gaming do versatile stuff; they are not anymore bound to only extending internet connections. You may have a misconception that any router would do the same for multiplayer gaming performance, but no it won’t. All the new routers come with optimized technology for gaming while the older ones might hinder your gaming performance greatly. Old routers with PCs or gaming consoles are just enemies these days.

Consider having a gigabit port for gaming purposes – it’s a must have. These gigabit ports are gifts to gamers as you can take the facility of utilizing 1000 Mbps speed using these ports. Attaching a game console to a router will not reduce internet speed as the ISPs provide a fixed speed and the game consoles have nothing to deal with that. Use Xbox Live to handle all the nerdy stuffs like latency and interference in a Wi-Fi signal, this software will take your headaches and will let you game.

And if your router comes with a QoS (Quality of Service) facility, avail it! You can set bandwidth for all your tasks, if you buy a router with an intention of gaming, QoS can help you like nothing. Many dual band routers come with QoS engines, these ones are specifically gaming routers.

Get a dual band router. Having more than one band will help you to keep your internet connection free from other tasks. Or you can manage the bandwidth, like you can give the gaming traffic more priority over any other types of data traffic. If you have a dual band router, then use the different channels for different purposes. For example, use the 5 GHz channel for gaming and keep the ordinary 2.4 GHz channel for internet usage. Internet service will do just fine through a 2.4 GHz while you need a higher frequency for gaming so the 5 GHz is for that purpose. All sides are served, how else this gets better?

Some Preferred Routers:

Here we sorted out three routers for you to easily decide.

It’s a comparatively cheap router comparing it to its robust performance. Priced only 119.50$ at amazon, it’s a good deal. You get QoS engine with this router.

EnGenius ESR9855G

This router is specially tailored for gaming and called Best Router for Gaming. Only at 100$, you get everything you need. Although having a dual band would have made it perfect, but however you should consider the price tag as well.

Cisco Linksys EA3500

A dual band router at only 100$, and QoS is integrated as well. What can be a better deal for gamers?

Hope You like the article about Best Router for Gaming.