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Best Magento Web Hosting For Your Online Store – MilesWeb

MilesWeb Magento Web Hosting Logo CopyMagento is widely used as the ecommerce platform because of so many of its amazing features. If you have an online store or want to host a new store, there is almost no reason why you shouldn’t consider Magento. But with so many Magento web hosting solution providers claiming to offer the ‘best’ out there, which one will you choose?

MilesWeb is a reliable, trustworthy, Indian Magento web hosting provider with data centers in India, US, UK and Romania. It is different from its other Indian counterparts because it matches the western hosting providers in terms of having its own infrastructure and complete range of hosting solutions.

Why Magento?

Before we embark on the features and benefits offered by MilesWeb, it will be best to know why Magento is such a great ecommerce platform.

Magento’s features facilitate the following:

  • Multi-store features
  • Advanced search
  • Layered navigation
  • Product comparisons
  • Email lists
  • CMS
  • SEO

Magento excels in building the foundation for customer satisfaction and user experience for ecommerce websites.

There are so many reasons Magento is one of the best choices for your online store:

  • Flexibility – Magento offers different solutions to address the needs of online stores of different sizes, types and budget.
  • Developer Friendly – Magento makes it easy to update your online store based on the changes required from time to time or as and when your business grows.
  • SEO Advantage – There are ways Magento SEO gives SEO advantages to your online store. It is easier to manage duplicate content, page traffic, landing page, and indexing much more efficiently.

Carting, multi-store management, mobile readiness, Google services, coding, geographical advantages, advanced reporting, order management, and marketing tools are some of the other reasons why Magento stands out as one of the leading ecommerce platforms.

MilesWeb Magento Hosting Features

MilesWeb’s Magento hosting solution and its experienced team helps you put your online store online with minimal downtime. Their hosting servers are located in India, Europe and the US and are optimized for Magento sites. Thanks to the company’s Magento hosting solutions, you can setup your ecommerce site by just logging in.

The main features that make MilesWeb the best Magento web hosting provider are as following:

  • Managed Hosting – MilesWeb’s managed Magento hosting services are based on specially configured software and hardware designed for running your online store in a secure and fast way.
  • Valuable Add-ons – MilesWeb Magento web hosting offers a larger variety of free ecommerce and CMS templates, plugins and themes. This helps in creating sites which are unique and more feature-loaded. Besides, the platform allows installing custom themes, with assistance from the company for easier integration.
  • Automatic Updates – The MilesWeb Magento team keeps testing updates for most of the ecommerce software and CMS’s. They will implement them so that you don’t have to worry about it. MySQL, PHP and other systems are also regularly updated. All this further helps ensure that security is never compromised.
  • Faster Store Performance – MilesWeb’s servers are designed for delivering optimal speed and reliability. This translates into the best-possible speed for your online stores. With built-in caching feature within certain server configurations, you may not even have to deal with caching plugins.
  • Security at its Best – With a website that deals in monetary transactions, security is the first priority. And MilesWeb’s advanced security features ensure that you and your customers are always shielded. They not only offer free malware detection and removal service, the security features ensure that no one can hack into your site.

How MilesWeb Addresses Your Magento Store’s Needs?

It’s not just these features, there are many more ways why MilesWeb stands out for hosting your online store.

Optimized IT Infrastructure for Magento

Magento is a powerful platform with advanced features. All this means heavy demand for resources. MilesWeb has its service optimized for enabling fast and efficient functioning for your ecommerce site.

Free Installation

Magento can be installed any number of times and for free. MilesWeb offers a number of hosting plans to choose from and all of them are available with free Magento installation.

The different plans are as following:

  • Economy – Rs. 109/mo
  • Value plan – Rs. 227.50/mo
  • Unlimited plan – Rs. 390/mo

MilesWeb Magento Plans

Free Store Migration

Migration is one of the biggest concerns for online store business owners. MilesWeb offers free Magento online store migration so that you don’t have to worry about this aspect. They manage the complete migration process from your current hosting provider. Besides, they will also address any bugs. Your Magento hosting with the company will be optimized immediately.

The company also offers Magento consultancy, as their team guides you periodically on growing your ecommerce business. You will also get plugin suggestions and assistance with database-based queries and problems.

Customer Support

MilesWeb has a team of experienced and specialized Magento experts who are available 24x7x365 to answer and address your queries and issues. If you have any questions about ecommerce software or CMS or other hosting queries you can ask them any time.


Many business owners don’t have the technical know how to manage their Magento store’s migration and management. MilesWeb’s Magento hosting solution eliminates all your worries. Whether you are a beginner in the industry or have a well established presence, they have the plan and services to address all your needs.