Wednesday, 7 Dec 2022

Best Girl Games When You’re Taking a Long Family Travel

Traveling with kids can be tough especially when you’re riding a plane and they are all anxious. With other passengers on board, the last thing you want is your child to cry and put yourself and other people in a nervous situation. To try and remedy that we decided to find games that could occupy your kid during your travel so everything goes as smooth as possible. We googled the options and accidentally stumbled upon a list of best makeup games on one site we’d like to share the link to.

Best Make Up Games

Granted, these games are more for girls, but they can really help since they are made for kids and are extremely easy for them to start playing. All you have to do is turn on the game on your phone and your kid will likely find interest in it. To make it easier for you, we filtered out 3 games that we believe are the best for the job.

Princess Hair & Makeup Salon

Best Girl GamesThe first one that caught our attention is Princess Hair. The game is extremely simple and to be honest, older kids might find it boring. But if you have a young child, this game will do the trick. There are a lot of options and kids can indulge in creating different hairstyles, makeup sets, etc. There are just enough options to allow them to have fun without overwhelming them with complicated controls. Since there isn’t a “wrong way” to play the game, whatever your kid does will be rewarded and hopefully, help you survive the flight.

They simply start by picking one of three princesses and then it’s all up to them. Will they take them to a hair salon or pick a stunning dress – they can do whatever they want. Of course, the game won’t teach your girl anything valuable, but it will help you both go through a 3-hour flight without having to try and find an alternative.

Royal Girls

Best Girl GamesAnother great option is called Royal Girls. The idea is quite similar to the first one but in this one, kids take care only of a single princess. Plus, there are additions of tons of different eyelashes, lipsticks and whatever might catch your girl’s attention. Again, there isn’t a wrong way to do stuff, all you have to do is give the game to your kid and let them be creative. It’s kid-intuitive and you don’t need the Internet for your kids to play. This makes it perfectly safe so you don’t have to worry if your kid will accidentally purchase something that might give you headaches after your trip ends.

One thing we did notice is the game can end rather quickly. We don’t think this will be a problem for, let’s say, a 5-year-old, but it is possible they will rapidly do everything there is to do and then you’re stuck with a couple of more hours of travel figuring out what to do. Nevertheless, it is a viable option in your arsenal to fight your kid’s boredom.

Candy Makeup Beauty Game

Best Girl GamesOur final choice is Candy Makeup Beauty Game. What this one has and others don’t to the addition of doing different makeups and hairstyles are simple contests girls can have fun with. Basically, after kids finish doing makeup and haircuts, they can enjoy contests where they can see if the combination will win. This creates an additional layer where kids can have fun. And if you’re worried what if they don’t win, it’s pretty easy to win – the game is made for kids after all.

One unusual experience we had with this one was that it froze at one point. We don’t think it was because we played too much but more likely, it was a bug inside the game. Once we turned back on it worked perfectly fine again but if your kid gets bored, it might be simply that the game crashed.


These are our 3 “game hacks” for entertaining your kids when traveling to keep them occupied. We hope you’ll find a use of them and more importantly, that your kids will enjoy them. That way you’ll have a smooth journey, your kids will be happy and other passengers will be able to take a nap or whatever it is they are doing while on a plane. Good luck.