Thursday, 18 Aug 2022

Best Android Apps for Entertainment

Android apps can help you be more productive, call a cab or even cure your insomnia (or make it worse). There’s very little apps can’t do. Most of us, though, have our phones loaded with all sorts of apps to provide entertainment. Temple Run 2 anyone? If you are really into music, movies, TV or games, here are the Android apps you must have on your phone:


Spotify is the absolute must-have streaming app on every phone. This app offers a free but legal way to stream music. The music collection Spotify offers is massive. You can sort tracks according to artist, album, release date and more. The app also offers playlists that you can browse through for hours. If you are an audiophile, your life will not be complete without Spotify.


Fan of band music and merchandise? Then you must have this app on your phone. Like Spotify, it’s a streaming service. But it’s almost exclusively devoted to band music and associated products. You can buy both digital and physical band merch via the app. Latest releases from your favorite brand will be delivered to right to your doorstep when you have this app. Plus, you can add your own music as well.

Of course, if you want to enjoy the best music on your phone using Bandcamp or Spotify, it’s highly recommended to buy a good pair of headphones for your Android device. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars more. There are a number of truly excellent budget headphones and earphones designed especially for Android users. You can find these cheap options on shopping sites like Amazon, or budget gadget review sites like Best Cheap Tech.


If you are an anime fan, this app is a must. Remember the days spent hours downloading anime or scouring the local video stores for the latest season of Bleach? Well, bother no more. Get this app and you can stream your favorite anime from wherever you are. The app has a massive video library including all the popular anime titles you are definitely familiar with by now. Plus, Crunchyroll streams new episodes soon after they premier in Japan, so you won’t have to wait weeks to catch the latest episode of One Piece.

Sling TV

Want to watch TV on the go? Then get this app and catch your favorite TV shows even if you don’t have a TV in front of you. This app lets you live stream TV on any Android phone. No need for cables or cords. You can watch all the TV you want for $20 per month.

ComiXology Comics

Read your favorite comics right from your phone screen. Need I say more? ComiXology is the Spotify for reading comics. You can read a number of favorite titles, some classics and some new releases, without having to waste time at the store. You can get full access to their catalogue for about $6 per month.

Stitcher Radio for Podcasts

Are you an avid podcast fan? Then get this app to listen to basically just about every podcast streaming off the web. You can easily get access to podcasts you like, or you can browse the app’s extensive library to find new podcasts. The app itself can recommend podcasts based on what you like. You can get established podcasts from stations like NPR and CNN easily as well.

Once you have at least one of the above apps installed on your phone, your life on the go will never, ever be boring.