Saturday, 8 Aug 2020

Become the Backbone of a Company’s Technology Infrastructure

In the working world today you need something extra to get ahead and stay there and a few things you need to give yourself that extra “something” to put you in the driver’s seat. First, you should identify a need, next, be the best possible candidate to fill that need and finally, become indispensable. One reality in a virtual world is that an information technology school can help you achieve all those goals.

The first goal, identifying a need, is the easiest. Look at what all companies today are using more and more often – technology. Every industry, from hospitals, to livestock production, to manufacturing, to inventory, to human resources relies on and thrives with technology.

Machines and networks now permeate everything and will continue to do so because it is safer, more cost effective and faster than the “old” way of doing work. This means all of these industries need help building, maintaining, supporting and keeping secure all of their software, hardware and data.

To be the best possible candidate for these positions you need technology school training. Whether you feel best suited for a job at a help desk, as a programmer, web designer or on the security end of the tech spectrum, you need training. Information technology schools offer either Associates or Bachelors degrees in these areas.

To be indispensable you need the degree, aptitude and desire. Desire, is probably the most important of these. Without desire the aptitude does you no good and you will probably never enroll in an information technology school without the desire to get ahead. With desire will also come the final part of your plan – being indispensable. You add your degree and you become unstoppable. As you work in your new found profession you learn the intricacies of that particular company’s infrastructure. In a short time you become their “backbone” because no one knows the ins and outs of that system like you do.

You have other options as well! If you feel as though you already have the know-how to start a company, follow in the path of Bob Parsons and build your own! If you know some basic business sense, and enough about finding the right people you can begin your journey to technology on your own terms.  It is increasingly difficult to start a business as the markets continue to grow, but sometimes things worth fighting for can’t be accomplished easily.

All you need is a plan. Identify the need, get training, then, fill that need. This simple plan, your desire to get ahead and obtain training from an information technology school, is all you need to succeed in becoming the backbone of your future company’s technology infrastructure. Then while helping with network security you have real job security, even in these uncertain economic times.