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Apps for android free download to pc

Apps for android free download to pc

Android at the present time is the most advanced mobile operating system in the market. This operating system was first invented in the year 2005 however for a long time it did not have any utility.

Nowadays Top mobile companies like LG, Samsung, and HTC have incorporated this very Android operating system into their Smartphone sets and have taken the technology to the next level. After the official lunch of the Android operating system a number of apps and games have been launched with special features especially designed for Android operating system. Such games and apps are so interesting that people, who do not have any Android phone, want to have them installed on their PC. Let us have a look at the Apps for android free download to PC.

Blue Stacks Cloud Connect

This is one of the most popular Apps for android free download to PC. Actually BlueStacks is a software company that has launched certain apps for Android and they have designed those in such a manner that it is able to run onPCs as well. An individual will boast to download and set up BlueStacks desktop version to make this app run smoothly on the PC running Windows Operating System.

Air Sync by double Twist

In the list of Apps for android free download to PC,Air sync by double Twist is another famous name. It ropes video, audio, photos and in addition to this, itconsents to playing podcast and paying attention touniversal radio stations. One can sorthismuch loved tracks by song title, albums andartist’s names and also can manage the playlist manually in themusic libraries of the phones. One can also bring inhisrecord and other media files from PC or MAC and sell them to PS3 Xbox by means of this app.

Double Twist with Magic Radio

Another one of the popular Apps for android free download to PC is Double Twist with Magic Radio. An individual will be capable to add to the would-be and functionalities of his Android gadget. It uses the phone’s back camera as a webcam. It can be linked via Bluetooth, USB and 3G with thePC. One can use it on the 2.1 and the later versions of android.

All in One Remote

When it comes to Apps for android free download to PCanother name that clicks in the mind is All in One Remote. This is a very interesting app indeed. This app makes all the tasks very easy. One can connect it through Bluetooth and fulfill multiple tasks.

Think free Mobile Pro

This is another one of the most famous Apps for android free download to PC.