Sunday, 20 Sep 2020

Android Paid Apps for Free Download

If you are among that ever expanding group of Android users who want Android paid apps for free download, there is good news for you. In spite of what you may have heard till now about not being able to do that, you can actually get Android paid apps for free download. What this article aims to do is break this statement down into a few steps that will easily guide you through the process.

The Android market, better known now as the Google Playstore, nowadays, stores free applications primarily. However, the better versions and the crème de la crème of the apps still require you to pay between a nominal sum to a hefty charge. Yet, it is true that there are cracked versions of these applications existing in the market along with some app developers also releasing beta or trial versions of these applications. However, you must admit that it is not the same as using a paid version of the same app. Moreover, it is often seen that these cracked versions are corrupted or bugged or virus infected and wreak havoc in the software of the phone, causing the warranty to be void as well. This is definitely not a scenario you would want to face just for the sake of getting a few Android paid apps for free download.

There are two methods by which any Android user can get

Android paid apps for free download


4Shared is an application typically used by android users for downloading paid apps free of cost. The more interesting part of using this application is that you can access this application from both your personal computer as well as your Android mobile device. The 4Shared application for your Android device is available from the Google Playstore, and that is where you will be able to download it from. Using this application, you will not only be able to download paid Android apps for free, but also share our files with other Android users as well. When you visit Google Playstore for downloading this application, you will find yourself facing several versions of the software. Choose the one that is most compatible with your device. When using the app, all you need to remember is that when you are searching for an app, you need put the extension .apk in the search bar.


Amazon is another mobile application, that is, in other words, a veritable storehouse of paid apps that can be downloaded for free. Amazon updates their list of paid Android apps available for free every single day and makes sure that they also rank the apps according to their respective popularity and number of times they have been downloaded. Amazon also provides a lot of discount and promotions on paid application as well, especially during festive seasons. The Amazon App Store also has a feature that is termed as the Test Drive. This is a very useful feature, as it helps you to test the application before you spend time and energy downloading it.

Thus, you can see that getting Android paid apps for free download is not at all a very worrisome issue. You just need to know how to go about doing it.