Sunday, 14 Apr 2024

Android Market Download Free Applications

Android is presently one of the most popular operating system for mobile devices and tablets. This immense popularity of Android lies in the infinite number of applications that you can download from the android market download free applications. You can download android market download free applications up to no limits from the Android market that are very useful for every day to day requirements. You can download free applications that not only include games, but utility software, tools and other applications as well. The best applications that you can download from the Android market are many, but following is a list of a few lesser known applications, that will nonetheless serve you fantastic.

Android Market Download Free Applications

Smart Tools

You can download android market download free applications like Smart Tools that helps you to measure length, height, sound, distance and direction using just your Android device. It has a set of five individual applications that help you to measure these parameters easily. These include the Smart Ruler, the Smart Measure, the Smart Compass, the Smart Meter and the Smart Light.


Air Droid is an application available in the android market download free applications that helps you to transfer files between your smartphone and your PC with the utmost ease and convenience. When you android market download free applications like Air Droid, you can easily forward, receive, delete and send text messages, install and uninstall programs, upload, download and delete photos, and do much more.

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is a software that you can use to launch the home screen of Android Jelly Bean or Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Apex Launcher allows you to customise your home screen to almost no limits, maximising your convenience as much as possible. It is particularly helpful for backing up data and layout that you can use even after you have uninstalled it.

Chrome Web Browser

Google Chrome is by far the most popular web browser for desktop. The good news is that now you can experience the ultimate web surfing application when you download Chrome for Android. It is equally fast on smartphones as well.


When twitter shook the Android market with the launch of its own brand of application for Android users, Seesmic is a much overlooked application that, however, has shown much more utility and convenience of use. It supports multiple accounts on a single device and has a very slick layout.

Facebook for Android

This is another very popular application that is available in the Android market. Why use a separate browser when you have an application dedicated purely to your favourite social networking site? The app is fast and stably too.

Swype Keyboard

Swype Keyboard is an application that you will either hate or love, there is nothing in between. It is an alternate line drawing keyboard, and all it needs for you to love it is familiarity. Once you are through, you are bound to recognise its genius.

Of course, the Android market provides you with infinite more options for you to android market download free applications. All we are saying is that, not only the best exist, but also many those are overlooked to a large extent, but are useful nevertheless.