Saturday, 8 Aug 2020

Android Jelly Bean New Features

Android market is under continuous development since the day it has been brought up. The latest expansion in the domain has been the Android 4.1 version which is named as “Jelly Bean”. Jelly bean is a good landmark that has been put in the right direction at a right time. Last year, it was Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and this year it is Jelly Bean. The changes brought in this operating system are really commendable and worthwhile. Here are some of the latest Android Jelly Bean New Features that are supported by Jelly Bean:

Enhanced Performance: Android Jelly Bean New Features is build with the motive to render improved performance. Vsync timings have been extended for standardisation. New optimizations have been added to make android work faster and smoother. In order to ensure consistency in operations, triple buffering is used. Touch of the Gadget is synchronised in a way that there is reduced touch latency. And the complete performance is measured through the tool named “Systrace”. Ultimately, the operating system has become more responsive.

Refined and Revived User Interface: Android Jelly Bean New Features has been refined to make user interface more streamlined. It can now include notifications like photos, resizable widgets and simplified task navigation. There are familiar UI patterns such as Notification window, system bar and status bar. The application tray is easily available on the screen. There are clean transitions, live wallpaper review and higher resolution photos of contacts.

New media support: There is a complete support for new media. Android Jelly Bean supports hardware and software codec access, triggering of audio record, audio support of various channels, audio chaining and USB audio output support through android open accessory development kit. Apart from this, Jelly bean also supports API to manage media completely.

International Users Support: Jelly Bean supports settings for Indic, Arabic and Hebrew languages. It encompasses characters from Japanese glyphs for the purpose of webviews and textviews. The Webviews contains the vertical text including synthetic bold, ruby text and key maps installed by the users.

Improved web browsing: Through Android Jelly Bean New Features, one can get good support for videos and animations. There are various webview optimizations that makes scrolling of pages faster and smoother free from lags. There is updated JavaScript engine that supports HTML5 media capture specifications. All-in-all, there is performance enhancements.

Better Accessibility: There has been a great improvement in domain of accessibility. Through the help of API developers and tutorials for accessibility settings, accessibility support has been improvised. Moreover, new android services are also available for the users.

Android Renderscript computation: Renderscript computation is the first platform in the android market which runs directly on a mobile device. Jelly Bean is extended to such computation to render flexibility in terms of debugging, enabling NEON instructions and defining renderscript source file. It takes the help of GPU computation resources for improving the overall performance of image processing and graphics.