Sunday, 20 Sep 2020

Android Games for PC free Download

Have you ever wanted to play mobile games on your PC? Yes you can now. Android games are now available for free download to your PC. You don’t even have to purchase expensive android based games. Below is a list of a few amazing free android games for pc free download.

android games for pc free download

SkyFrontier 3D

If you have ever played the SkyRoads then you might notice that Sky Frontier is largely related to that game. You have to manoeuvre a spaceship along different areas and avoiding blocks. It might appear to be easy but it’s not as it appears. The spaceship moves very fast. There are ten zones with 4 levels in each.

Soldiers of Glory

This a classic tower defence game and enemies here can fight with each other and also attack each other. So besides erecting turrets you also have to repair them as the enemy damages them. This game consists of three different modes and three different levels. This is a very cool android games for pc free download.

Stick Cricket

This is a very new game by Android for all the cricket fans out there. This game was made keeping the cricket lovers in mind. In this there are basically three game types: Stick Cricket Academy, All Star Log and World Domination. So basically it is a good game with good graphics.

Stick Tennis

this is a brilliant game where the character moves around smartly all by his own. You hit the tennis ball by swiping your finger on the screen. Here the graphics is in balance with performance. The game is interesting and tricky and a really great android games for pc free download.

Simple fishing

Here is a game that can help you to pass your time effortlessly. Here the fishing hook is controlled by touching the screen. The difficulty level increases as the points increase. There is no time limit and there is a flounder which is hidden and it does come out once in a while. The statistics of this game are pretty good and this can be considered as an option when downloading free android games for pc free download.

Solitaire Classic

Who doesn’t know about Solitaire? Well now the Android version is here with some additional features. With a fully customizable deck, auto play option and easy drag and drop makes it another option that you should keep in mind while downloading free android games for pc free download.

Flight Simulator PC

Have you ever wanted to be a pilot and soar high above the clouds? Here is a game that provides real time simulation so even if you are a pilot you can enhance your skills with this game. Is has all realistic controls making it another android games for pc free download.