Wednesday, 7 Dec 2022

Android 4.2 tablets in USA

Android is basically a Linux-based operating system used in most touch screen mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets. There are many Android phone manufacturers in USA. Different manufacturers have different special features. Here are some Android 4.2 tablets in USA which are the main attractions in the market. Let us have a look.

  • Lenovo Android tab:  Lenovo is here in the market among the Android 4.2 tablets with its brand new quad core tablet which is running in Android 4.2 versions. The same has been announced for both 7inch and 10 inch tabs.  S6000 tablet by Lenovo is designed with 10-inch screen and is marketed as mobile home entertainment hub by Lenovo Corporation. Lenovo model number A3000 is constructed with 7-inch screen and is especially for entry level customers. These tabs will be available, not only in USA, but all over the globe as well, at a reasonably cheap rate. The tablet will be equipped with MediaTek’s MTK quad-core processor working at 1.2 GHz, as well as5 megapixel front and 5 megapixel rear cameras. It will also provide ability for optional HPSA + connectivity and various other multimedia features.
  • Google Nexus 10: This is a well designed tablet among Android 4.2 tablets in USA running on Jelly Bean O.S having 10.1 inch screen size. The device is supporting 32 GB memory. It is launched in the market with several super cool features like Wi-Fi connectivity, 3G bandwidth and most attractive is that it is with Android 4.2 jelly bean version for an operating system.
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300: Samsung Corporation is no less than in making Android phones. In fact the same is marketing in USA and is one of among Android 4.2 tablets in USA. In India best Android devices are manufactured by Samsung corporations. Samsung Galaxy S3 19300 Slim Bean is using Android 4.2.2 jelly bean O.S. This is a wonderful model designed which is based on JDQ39 Android 4.2.2 base. There are plenty of newly launched features and is available with various facilities like Shiny new Dash Clock, added slide before unlock, with fully configurable advanced reboot toggle. There is always the ability to limit notification, interval of sound. Not only this, it is also provided with software HDR mode for camera and much more benefits.
  • Samsung Galaxy 8.0:  Samsung comes with another device among Android 4.2 tablets in USA named Galaxy 8.0 which is supporting Android 4.2 jelly bean operating software. This device has screen size 7 inch and is a beautiful tablet. It is built with 2GB RAM, 1200 x 800 screen resolution and 1.6 GHz quad-core processor. The device comes with 5 mega pixel camera installed on its back and is also featured with the front camera of 1.3 mega pixel.The device provides a facility to run various applications side by side. The device has good market rating.