Saturday, 8 Aug 2020

Android 4.1 HTC One S- Review

HTC One S is among the premium handsets manufactured by HTC till date. Officially, HTC One S was released on 2nd April 2012, but with the changing trends, the handset is under continuous modifications to render the best of experience to the user. Whether it is design or the functioning of the phone, HTC has landed up with a wonderful piece that entertains you completely. So, here is the complete information about Android 4.1 HTC One S that you might require before purchasing it.

Design: The marvellous design on the thin body of the handset makes it look more appealing and eye-catching. The display of 4.3 inch renders a rich experience to the user. The Gorilla Glass screen is covered with 7.8 mm slim metal body for durability of Android 4.1 HTC One S. the handset is available with an anodized gradient and ultra matte black gradient. In Actual, this is the slimmest phone launched by HTC till date. The HD resolution of 540*960 Pixel offers a 256-ppi pixel density which is offered found impressive by the users.

Operating System: Android 4.1 HTC One S runs on the Android 4.0 mobile operating system, “Ice Cream Sandwich” with HTC Sense. 1.5 GHz Dual core processor makes the functioning smoother and faster than ever. The new Krait cores in the Snapdragon S4 chipset offers much more power than the old cores. This handset can be really a good rival with a quad Cortex-A9 CPU.

Camera: Users will definitely like the camera of the phone when they will be able to capture crisp, beautiful and vivid pictures. You can shoot continuously with 1080 HD video and 8MP camera. Apart from of lighting and movement, HTC ImageChip helps you up in getting great shots. Through the VideoPic option, users can capture the pictures as well as videos at a same time. Nothing can pause a hindrance between you and camera be it darkness or dullness.

Battery: Android 4.1 HTC One S is designed with 1650 mAh. Though the battery is good enough for the handset, but if needed, it cannot be replaced.

Pros: The best thing about Android 4.1 HTC One S is that its performance is really commendable one. Not only the functioning of cell phone is excellent, but the look of the phone is as appealing. The slim design of the handset is enough to capture the senses of customers. All in all, the phone offers good value.

Cons: Display of the phone is not sharp to the sufficient level. Moreover, memory of the phone is not at all expandable. There is no dedicated button for accessing camera. Such disadvantages have been witnessed by the users. Though, there is no lack in functioning, but designing is not standardised.

Price: Price of Android 4.1 HTC One S is really affordable. Estimated price of the handset is about $189.17.