Saturday, 8 Aug 2020

Android 3.0 phones in India

Android is the latest trend of gadgets in the present generation. Not only the young generation but millions of grown up businessmen are also quite fond of it because of its outstanding features and facilities. The technology started a new era when in the year 2007 Android was first came into existence. This is an operating system that is especially planned for using in touch screen or Smartphone. There have been several versions of Android were launched making a series like Android 2.1, 2.2 2.3 and Android 3.0 phones is one of the most updated versions of those.

Android 3.0 phones have such a great demand in India that all people are more or less addicted to it. To raise the demand to the nest level leading mobile companies like Samsung, Micromax, Lemon, Karbon have incorporated this technologies into their handsets which are frequently used at the present time.

The Android technology is improving day by day and so a number of new mobile phones are coming in to the market with new and advanced features. More advanced is the Android version; better features are equipped in the phones. Let us have a look at the phones that runs on Android 3.0 version.

Micromax A30 Smarty 3.0


This is one of the most popular Android 3.0 phones. It is featured with 7.2 cm large touch screen along with DUAL SIM facility. Other than this it is embedded with a 2megapixel camera, GPRS connectivity and 3G capacities as well. It offers a 832MHz processor and 32 GBP expandable memory.

Videocon V7400

Among the Android 3.0 phones another most famous set is Videocon V7400 which has a great demand in India. This is a very stylish handset which is designed in a very trendy but elegant manner. This can easily be considered as one of the best launches of the company. The phone is equipped with 2.8 inch display having touch screen facility. In addition to this, its 3.2 megapixel camera with great video recording facility offers a crystal clear image.

Intex sense 3.0

In India when it comes to choose Android 3.0 phones, a number of people are found to be fascinated about Intex Sense 3.0. This is a very handy set which is designed with some outstanding facilities. It has a TFT touch screen flaunt of 3.2 inch. Apart from this it is featured with 2 megapixel camera and offers DUAL SIM facility too.

Android itself is a great gift of the technology and the presence of applications has taken technology to the next level. All the versions of this operating system starting from 2.1 to 3.0 have been improved better than before. Starting from Apple to Samsung, Micromax to Lemon every company is incorporating this very technology into products making it most demanded in the market. Android 3.0 phones have earned immense popularity in the market and these are quite reasonable too for which are number of people are fond of it.