Monday, 24 Jun 2024

Advertiser’s statistics To Apprehend the Ongoing Trends

Customers are the prey of advertisers these days.But advertisers are gaining a lot from their online advertisement tactics. Are you interested to reap rewards from this? Then, you need to turn your focus towards the advertisement statistics to open the door of opportunities for you.

Pay Per Click is the latest strategy that is taking the market by storm and various other ones are giving lofty benefits to advertisers. Are you interested to know more? Well, some statswill help you understand how these techniques would benefit you in the long run.

To make it more comprehensive, we have assembled the Advertiser’s statistics into different categories. Let’s have a look:

Current Investment Statistics on Online Advertising

Investment is the key element that drives the entire game of online advertisement. Do you need to increase it or control it? But most importantly, are you doing well with your current investments when compared to another brand? All these questions are being answered here.

  1. The growth of 2.4% of digital spending in 2020, has been a new record in single digital.
  2. The budget for social media advertising has been doubled, as in 2014 it was $16, but it became $31 billion in 2016.
  3. There is a mantra: “Response more,to gain more trust”. A study has revealed that around 77% of users feel more valued and appreciate a brand when their tweets get the desired response promptly. Usually, a brand takes 10 hours to respond to a tweet, but customers often desire of quicker response.
  4. The average Google Ads cost for a small-sized businessthat has a solid online advertising strategy is between $9,000 and $10,000 each month.
  5. 76% of users usually miss incorporating behavioral data in targeting their online advertisement strategy.
  6. Around 1700 banner ads bombard online users every month, but only half of them get noticed.
  7. Content is something that users expect from brands. Around 45% of B2C marketers emphasize visual content whereas 88% of B2B marketers believe that content makes their organization looks more trustable and credible.
  8. In the concurrent world, Google and Facebook hold the biggest share of digital spending in the US, with 37.2% share and 19.6% share respectively.
  9. It has been seen that improving your rank organically will be more fruitful in comparison to sponsored search results. If you pay Google to pin your page on the top, you are likely to get lesser traffic than that of the page that tops the organic search result.
  10. The trend of sharing videos is vigorously spreading and people are likely to share more videos than sharing links and texts. Also, remembering videos is simpler than keeping a text or link in the mind.
  11. Not everything that has been put into the card would be bought by the shoppers. A trend of abandoning the hefty online shopping carts has been noticed recently. It has become a challenge for the e-commerce platform as only 8% of users come back to shop the items they have put in the cart and the rest of them just forget about it or abandon it purposely.

Fun Facts of Advertising:

  1. Till now Chanel has been known to produce the most expensive advertising campaign. It took around $33 million from which they paid $3 million to Nicole Kidman for starring in the video.
  2. It is said that ads affect the psyche of the viewers. For instance, when the brand advertised chewing two gums at once, their sales doubled as people started doing the same.
  3. One of the most interesting facts is that in most advertisements about watches, the hands of watches are set at 10:10 because it creates a smiling face, and the watch’s hands frame the brand name.