Monday, 24 Jun 2024
Social Media

9 Ways to Use Hashtags to Gain Traffic on Your Instagram

With the ongoing usage of internet, hashtags have found a way in every social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. People are using hashtags in everything, and now hashtags can also be used to get more followers on your account. Following are some ways to use hashtags to gain traffic on your Instagram:

#1 Create a Hashtag and Post Constantly:

The first thing you need to do when you have an Instagram account for your business is to create a hashtag. Once your hashtag is created, use it repeatedly. Consistently post pictures and use that hashtag on them time and again. With a proper schedule and right amount of hashtag used, you can increase your popularity.

#2 Use Quality Hashtag:

Now, when you’re posting on social media as a business person, you have to be sure not to post something irrelevant or boring. Post something that would interest people. Similar is the case with hashtags, use hashtags that people find intriguing, and they would want to use those hashtags, this way, you will gain popularity.

#3 Use Popular Hashtags:

Apart from making your own hashtag, you should use popular hashtags on your photos so that more people would be able to reach you. You can use the hashtags that many other people are using so that when they open that hashtag, your posts would also appear on their phone.

#4 Tag Your Friends:

To gain popularity, one need to involve as many people as they can, which is why tagging your friends would be a nice idea. This way, more people would learn about you, and your number of followers would increase respectively.

#5 Share User Generated Content:

People like user generated posts and these type of posts get more engagement on Instagram and they will help you gain followers on Instagram fast. Whatever you do on your social media platforms is for your users/your followers. Which is why it is better to post what they would like to see to keep them interested.

#6 Make Conversations With your Followers:

Interactions are very important if you want your followers to stay engaged with your work. You should interact with them by replying to their comments or responding back to their DM’s or any other way they try to reach you, reach them back.

#7 Use Relevant Hashtags:

Coming back to hashtags, you should always be sure to use the kind of hashtags that are relevant to your business. Don’t make hashtags that don’t have any connection with what you do.

#8 Make Your Hashtags Short:

The only way people would remember your hashtag is if it is short and precise. If you use a long, detailed hashtag, people will hesitate using it again and again.

#9 Use Hashtags For Contests:

Contests are also crucial for publicity. You can hold contests of different kinds and use multiple innovative hashtags to make those contests interesting, and you can ask your followers to use those hashtags in order to join the particular contest.