Monday, 6 Feb 2023

5-Step Checklist for Designing Your Church Website

Do you plan to create a website for your church? Remember, you need to plan it well if you want to create the best website that your congregation members and other online visitors can appreciate. You need to prepare a checklist to ensure that you are designing the best website for your church.

Here are 5-step checklist for designing your church website:

  1. Clean, Responsive, and Professional-Looking Theme

The website theme you use for the church website will represent your church, so it needs to look good, beautiful, and professional. It should have no clutters around the content area, the navigation area, and other areas around the website. Also, it needs to use a responsive theme, which allows the website to adapt to each device type your visitors are using to access it.

  1. Information about the Church

The church website also needs to include the information about the church, which can include contact information, map location, church staff, service time, and so on. Be sure each visitor can learn about the church and how it operates. You shouldn’t assume that only your congregation members will visit the church website. Assume people who know nothing about the church will also visit the church website. Thus, you need to provide them with the information related to the church, so that they can learn about the church by accessing the website.

  1. Social Media Channels

Your church should also have some active social media accounts, which your congregation or online visitors can use to interact with the church staff. They can use your social media accounts to communicate with your church and ask about various things related to the teachings of Christ. You should also assign some staff members to manage the social media accounts of the church, so that they can create a good engagement with the online visitors.

  1. Church Statements and Sermons

You can include additional information like church statements on your website. Church statements might include the missions of the church and how the church plans to deliver their messages to the public. Also, you need to include online sermons that people can access on the church website. You can allow them to listen to the sermons, watch them, or read them. You should provide various ways for the online visitors to access the sermons on their device.

  1. Latest News and Updates

The church should also include the latest news and updates related to the church activities on the website. For this, you can create a blog for your church website. You can use the blog to deliver up-to-date information related to the church activities for the online visitors. You can also let them know how the church thinks about current issues. Another use of the blog is to let the online visitors know about the next church programs and schedules they can attend.


These are the checklists that you should complete for any church website. Creating a church website requires good planning, as you want to ensure that you can deliver the church messages as best as you can using the website. You also need to use the website to reach more people and attract more congregation members. These checklists can help you create the best website for your church.